'Protests are nothing but loud noise'

'Protests are nothing but loud noise'


'Protests are nothing but loud noise'

Vallabh Rao, Professional

“Rallies and strikes which affect public life, be it in the City or outside, are not acceptable. In a democracy, we should be able to express our opinions but not at the cost of other people’s time and resources. There should be dedicated spaces in the City for these purposes.”

Marella, Professional

“Being a democratic country, it is only natural to voice one’s opinion and stage protests when there is a difference of opinion. But most of these protests have been nothing but loud noise. One can barely hear what they are trying to say or demonstrate and ultimately the message is lost. If these political parties are really keen on reaching out to the young, they should go to schools or colleges or even try using networking sites and spread the message there instead of hitting the streets.”

Abhimanyu, Hotelier

“If your workplace is near Mekhri Circle, you automatically face traffic congestion almost every day. The stretch along Palace Grounds is chock-a-block with traffic because the walls of the Palace Ground are being broken down, three to four marriages take place every other day and of course, the political rallies and protests are regularly held there. The commuters on that stretch face jams everyday but for those who need to go to the airport it gets really problematic. To warn the travellers, at least a notice can be put in the newspapers a day or two days before so that commuters are mentally prepared.”

Priyanka, Student

 “I feel such protests are a huge waste of time as they don’t help anyone. I recently got stuck in a jam near Hosur Road for almost two-and-a-half-hours and I got very late for college. Politicians are not going to get me my attendance. I also didn’t understand what exactly they were protesting for. If they hold online campaigns, I guess more people would be able to understand their views better.”

Gautham, Professional

“I feel it’s high time these protests are held in an organised manner. By letting the people know about the time and place of protest, things won’t be so chaotic. Commuters, who use those roads on a regular basis will be far more prepared and also people, who feel strongly about the cause, can join the protest. If at all the politicians decide to hold an impromptu rally, then the party cadre should make sure that the traffic is handled better.”

Hemanth, Student

“I was recently caught in a jam near Majestic as the roads were blocked for some procession. Since I was using the bus that day there was really nothing I could do about it. It makes you realise what a nuisance such political rallies are. Because at that very moment all one is thinking of is to get to his or her destination. No one really cares about what these politicians are fighting for.”