Son: Mladic had nothing to do with Srebrenica

The former Bosnian Serb army commander, known for his brutality during the war, insists that he was not responsible for the mass executions committed by his troops after they overran the eastern Bosnian enclave in July 1995, his son Darko Mladic said.

"Whatever was done in Srebrenica, he has nothing to do with it," Darko Mladic said.
The massacre in Srebrenica is considered to be Europe's worst atrocity since World War II. Bosnian Serb troops under Mladic's command rounded up the Srebrenica boys and men and executed them in just several days, burying the remains in mass graves in the area.
The UN tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, has indicted Mladic with genocide for the Srebrenica massacre and other atrocities of the Bosnian war. Prosecutors say they have compelling evidence that Mladic personally ordered and oversaw the executions in and around Srebrenica.

The son, Darko, says his father is adamant that the massacre was committed without his knowledge, something that prosecutors have argued is impossible because of the scope of the killings.

"His orders were to evacuate the wounded, the women and the children and then the fighters. Whatever was done behind his back, he has nothing to do with that," Darko Mladic said.

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