Onions and tears

Onions and tears

How true it is that we do not cry when our computer crashes, we do not cry when our cell phone is lost, even if we cry cry we do not cry for long.  But we cry hard and long when a relationship crashes or a relationship is broken.

We cry so hard when friendships break, when Marriages break.

There is a touching incident in the Gospels where Mary and Martha are weeping because their brother Lazarus is dead. They weep inconsolably.

At that moment Jesus arrives.  The Bible tells us that Jesus wept with them. (John 11:35).
This is the shortest verse in the Holy Bible but the most impressive one because we see Jesus involving in the suffering of others.  The verse reads “Jesus wept”.

Someone once said that women’s eyes are more beautiful than men’s because they weep more and so there is constant washing of the eye and so the glitter. But I remember seeing a TV program where the anchor invited an eighty year-old woman to share her opinion as to whose tears are stronger? She said “Women cry in the open but men don’t. But many of them go to their private room and cry alone and their feelings and tears are much stronger than us women”.

We all cry, whether in public or private. But Jesus cried in public to tell everyone that he shares in our joys and sufferings.

There are moments in our life when we feel lonely and lost.  But the Lord reminds us that He will be with us through every moment.

There can be loneliness in marital life, there can be loneliness in family life, there can be loneliness while we study.  But in all these moments, the Lord Jesus reassures us as he reassured Mary and Martha when “He wept” that He is with us.