Third Eye to keep home secure in your absence

Third Eye to keep home secure in your absence

K Ramesh Kumar

The innovation—“Third Eye”—was formally launched by S Suresh Kumar, Collector of Medak district, on Tuesday.

K Ramesh Kumar, a faculty member in the Turbo Technology Engineering College, and his assistant G Govardhanachary developed a 3G-based technology by which people can monitor their home and, if necessary, can alert neighbours by switching on the buzzer through a cellphone.

Similarly, one can also swi-tch on the lights in the night and see what is happening at home from long distance by pressing a button on the cell connected to the system.

“It is almost like having a person at home in your absence if you a have Third Eye system with you. It operates as you direct and alerts you when required as it is fitted with motion sensors. The only hindrance in the functioning of the system is cellphone signals,” said Ramesh Kumar.

The system is operational with 2G technology in a voice mode where the person can receive voice call from the system automatically if there is any disturbance. The system can be fitted to cars also so that preventive action can be taken before some one runs away with the vehicle.