Barmaids to be banned from bars

Barmaids to be banned from bars

Barmaids to be banned from bars

“Whatever licences we have given will be reviewed and if any violations are found, we will see to it they wind up the business,” Ashoka said here after a “Chintan Baithak” with top police officers of the capital.“Bangalore will not go the Bangkok way. The City has a name for itself and we will go all out to maintain its sanctity,” he said.

Strict instructions
Addressing the newly posted Assistant Commissioners of Police in the City, Ashoka said: “I have given strict instructions that skill games, massage parlours and high-profile flesh trade and gambling dens will not be tolerated. Rowdies and underworld activities should be a thing of the past,” he said.

It was pointed out to the minister that some of the 11 outlets, which were earlier issued licences and had employed women to serve liquor, were violating the regulations by running live bands with scantily dressed girls who virtually seduce the customers. However, a section of the police officers present on the dais denied it.

But when a reporter cited the case of a joint on Double Road, the minister quietly handed over the microphone to City police Commissioner Jyothi Prakash Mirji.

Mirji said: “We are treading cautiously and are on the right path. We are abiding by the court orders and keeping a tab on the joints; if someone is found guilty, we will take adequate measures and stop it immediately.” He urged the public to inform the police about shady joints.

Ashoka said: “We have carefully handpicked the cops and I am confident the officers will deliver the goods. From now on, the ACPs will be held accountable and will be dealt with strictly if any untoward incidents are reported in their jurisdiction. The same procedure will be followed for the police inspectors postings.”

He added: “I will see to it there is no black mark and the government will be at the receiving end.”