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What an idea!

This refers to the news item “Corporator floats 'polluter as salvagers’ idea”(DH, June 16). What an idea Sir ji? Once Acharya Vinoba Bhave launched Bhoodan movement to help poor farmers make a good living. But this idea is Bhoodan for the 'poor' land sharks, who pollute the lake. If this is to happen, any body can dump the garbage for few days on a public/government land and he will be the owner of the same. In Bangalore there are many places where the footpath is being used as 24 hour parking spot. The Corporator should be awarded a special award for his Bhoodan idea. A simple way for Akrama-Sakrama!

K S Someswara

Debate going off the track

The discussions between the Central government and the leaders of the civil society led by Anna Hazare, have ended in a public spat. The political parties, media and concerned citizens have taken sides and indulging in tirades instead of finding a common ground. Calling names or taking hard positions would only change the course of the debate.

K N Bhagavan

Where is the anti-graft fight heading to?

This refers to “Government, civil society to present separate Bills to Cabinet'' (DH, June 16). It is sad that fundamental differences have persisted between the members of civil society and the Centre on crucial issues over the proposed Lokpal Bill. The proposal to send two versions of the Lokpal Bill to the Union Cabinet clearly foretells the forthcoming events. In all likelihood, the Cabinet is bound to support the government version of the Lokpal bill and reject that of the civil society.  The situation will be back to square one.

Venkatesh N Muttur

Going overboard

It is surprising that Prime Minister sent a special car for Ms. Jayalalitha  and waited at his door steps with a bouquet to receive her during her recent visit to Delhi.  The Prime Minister has not shown such consideration to any other Chief Minister.

Obviously, Dr. Manmohan Singh Government has no sense of proportions.  It had earlier sent four cabinet ministers to receive Baba Ramdev at the airport  and then questioned his motives bitterly and called him a liar.

The Government does not seem to be realising that millions of people are watching its moves and actions.


Act against encroachers

This refers to 'Lok Adalat for return of land to elephants' (DH June, 12).  It is a welcome move by the Lok Adalat.  Let us hope that this is carried forward in letter and spirit at the earliest and the elephants are restored with their rightful place.  There should be stringent laws implemented to punish the encroachers and their henchmen.

T Varghese

The losing battle against corruption 

This refers to ‘Non political actors come to the fore’ (DH June, 12).The  funding for politics was earlier garnered from the nation's entire realm under a command economy, in large part, through the likes of  licence-permit regime .After the economic reforms, the same need  had to be met  from a vastly shrunk source. The booming economy saw the business class operating on a quid-pro-quo basis in nexus with the politician.  The hoi-polloi however continued to be the perennial small scale donor, to the first level of government authority. The common man's interface with corruption has remained the same.
The depth, spread and magnitude of recent mega scams transfixed both the ruling political dispensation and the Opposition. The citizen, caught off guard, was seething. More so as he saw his elected representatives trading charges at each other on corruption. An entire session of Parliament remained unattended .Disdain for the Parliament by the political class is only matched by its indifference to corruption. The resultant political vacuum ceded space to a people's movement and even that is being reduced to a drama. The emphasis on fighting corruption has been lost.

R. Narayanan

Is the government really against corruption?

Not long ago, President, Pratiba Patil, honoured Baba Ramadev while releasing his book on Yoga. And now Baba has undertaken a crusade against black money to restore the health of Indian economy.  In this situation, it is hard to think how his yeoman services have been given scant regard by people at the helm of affairs. It is understandable that the politicians, bureaucrats and corporate bigwigs who are very much involved in stashing money in Swiss Banks are against the crusade.  But the right thinking people in all walks of life including PM and the President of India would be failing in their duty if they do not come forward immediately to avert the crises.

Thangali Rajan


Government’s delaying tactics exposed


The rift being created by statements on the issue of PM and CJI being included in the Lok Pal Bill only shows the Government’s intention in diverting the issue at hand. Baba Ramdev never talked about inclusion or non-inclusion. All that he said was, since these two are among the highest constitutional posts, there should be a debate about their inclusion. Even the Anna group is taking opinion on this issue across the country. This movement has the support of people from all walks of life, irrespective of their political or religious affiliations.

Ramesh Sampige

Govt should act sensibly

It is regrettable that the UPA Government has expressed reservation about the inclusion of PM, higher judiciary and MPs in the proposed Lokpal Bill. How can anyone be above the law of the land. Being the largest democracy in the world, it is high time that we innovate for the future of our country. Else the people of the country should renew their nation wide agitation as done before so that the Lokpal Bill is passed at the earliest during the monsoon session of Parliament. Hope the government will act sensibly keeping in mind the future of our country.

Dr. Biddappa  

Explore alternative methods

This refers to “Tiwari refuses to give blood sample”(DH, June 2). Modern day testing procedures for detecting DNA foot prints does not depend on blood samples alone. Technology has enabled us to detect paternity and ancestral origins with the genetic debris we leave behind in our everyday day activities. Labs can perform thousands of tests from this genetic “litter”. So whether N D Tiwari concurs to give a blood sample is not significant. There are many other less invasive ways of detecting his genetic profile.

A travesty of truth

This refers to ‘Scrap Article 356’(DH, June 2). It would be wrong to scrap Article 356 as it would amount to throwing the baby with the bathwater. It is true that the Supreme Court has said in Bommai’s case that the majority of an elected government should be tested on the floor of the house. But the floor test itself was vitiated by the Speaker in the instant case as observed by the Supreme Court itself. I am sure that if the BJP Govt is dismissed and the matter goes to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court will certainly not apply the ratio in Bommai’s case as the floor test itself was vitiated. I do not think that the Governor was in a hurry to send the report. To say that the Constitutional machinery has not broken down even after the observations of the Supreme Court on the acts of the Speaker and the Chief Minister would be a travesty of truth.

Bapu Heddurshetti

Govt scuttling Lokpal bill


This is with reference to the “Govt Hazare lock horns” (DH, May 31). Just a few days ago the Prime Minister talked in length about acting against corruption. But his government is now opposing the inclusion of PM, MPs and Judiciary under Lokpal ambit. The main purpose of Lokpal bill is to put a check on corruption at high places, but the government is hell bent on scuttling it.


Sibal and colleagues are under watch


This is with reference to the “Govt Hazare lock horns” (DH, May 31). It appears that the government has not clearly defined the role of the 'Drafting Committee'. It is assuming that the Committee has been set up to prepare a "Draft Bill" and not a final one. Further, the approach of the government representatives to the " Bill " is suspect. The draft bill so prepared by the Committee could have been circulated among the concerned sections before placing it before Parliament. Kapil Sibal and his colleagues should tread carefully as the entire nation is watching them.

Gilbert D'Souza

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