'Everything about acting excites me'

'Everything about acting excites me'


'Everything about acting excites me'

Pretty: Nikesha Patel DH Photo by Manjunath M S

Just as destiny had planned, Nikesha got her first break in the Telugu movie Puli. And since then, the Tamil and Kannada industries have taken a note of the actress.

 In the City, promoting and encouraging the players in the Celebrity Cricket League, Nikesha tells Metrolife that she has quite a few reasons to rejoice about. “Everything about acting excites me and that’s why for the longest time, I had wanted to get a break in South Indian movies,” she says. Ask her why is she so keen on South Indian cinema being a London-based girl and she says, “I really like the way the film industry works in the South.

Not that I have anything against other industries but I have heard of some talented film-makers out here and wanted to gain as much experience as I can in every language than stick to just one industry.”

Currently working in two films –– Nanba, a Tamil film with Shanthanu Bhagyara which will be directed by K A Adhiyaman and Narasimha, a Kannada film starring Ravichandran — Nikesha reveals that she had a ball working in both the industries though she didn’t know the language. “It was a little difficult to pick the language up at first but the crew made me feel really comfortable and slowly, I could understand both the languages,” she says.

Talking about Narasimha, Nikesha says she plays a glamourous and modern Indian girl. “It’s a romantic movie. Most of the films I have done so far have seen me playing romantic roles. As much as I like them, I wouldn’t mind trying out comedy as well,” she says.

Though Nikesha has shot for Narasimha in the City, she says that each time she visits Bangalore, it looks very different. “The last time I came to Bangalore, I was shooting for Narasimha and we had shot in the outskirts with very few houses and lots of trees. This is the first time I have come to the heart of the City and I’m loving even this side of the place,” she signs off.