Playing the proud papa

Playing the proud papa

Playing the proud papa

Role model : Ramesh Aravind and family.

Metrolife interacted with celebrity fathers, who admitted that they are as much an active participant in their child’s upbringing as their spouses are.

They say that although there are things that only mothers can do, fathers don’t want to miss a moment in their children’s growing-up years. These fathers relive their childhood and younger days through their children all over again.

Arjun Sarja: “Despite my hectic schedule, I squeeze in time to spend with my family, especially with my two daughters — Aishwarya and Anjana. When they were much younger, I used to drop them to school myself and those were some of the niceties I didn’t want to miss. Now that they are older, I will make sure that they are on the right track without being too pushy or forceful." 

Ramesh Aravind: “I think being great parents is the best gift I can give my children — son Arjun and daughter Niharika.  And it’s always best to influence them by example because they grow up watching you and grasp every little thing. So it’s good to lead by example. I always share my experience with them so that they grow up to be strong individuals. But no ‘Father’s Day’ is complete without the mother. My wife has been a source of strength and without her, I don’t think my role would have been complete."

Ganesh: “I made it a point to drop my two-year-old daughter Charithriya to play school on the first day. She tries to communicate in her own language and it’s fun to
understand what she’s trying to tell me. I would like to be a father, friend and guide to her, never forcing my views on her.”

Shivrajkumar: “I re-schedule my shooting whenever my two daughters, Nishkala and Niveditha, have their exams. Being part of their education is an important thing. We go out on a holiday and to dinner to some place my children like at least twice or thrice a month. We are more like friends and watch movies together and hang out too. It’s a great feeling, something that I can’t express in words. They have the freedom to choose what they want to do and I would stand by them and make sure they are on the right track.”