Returning to the roots

Returning to the roots

The illuminated Sayyaji Rao Road during Dasara festival. file photo

The anonymity that one enjoys in a City like Bangalore is something that people from small towns and cities look forward to. The almost care-a-damn, give-a-damn attitude with no respect for the other person is something that one takes time to adjust. However, over a period of time, this inhuman outlook also helps because then one can quitely go about doing one’s job and like the Charlie  Chaplin character in one of his famous movies, Modern Times, one becomes a robot.

This is the perspective that one gets returning to the roots and what better place to return than Mysore. The saddest part after returning is to see the deterioration of the city especially when it comes to roads. A friend who heard about my transfer said, “You are going back to Mysore which has beautiful, wide roads,” I had to tell him that rosy picture that is painted is not true any more. Take the case of Sayyaji Rao Road,which shines brightly during Dasara with illuminated lights. The road divider looks ugly and the subway at the Bata shop corner, (once a famous landmark is lost) is definitely a sight for sore eyes.

Will the authorities at least now wake up and see that Sayyaji Rao Road regains its past glory not only during Dasara but at all times?

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