Stung Sourav mulls action

Illegal act in restaurant; skimpily clad dancer caught on camera

The sting operation by ‘Channel 10’ on Thursday night showed a dancer performing at the restaurant— The Food Pavilion on Park Street— on July 5, allegedly in violation of rules.
“There is nothing to be embarrassed about this. This is a part and parcel of life. I just have to deal with it. I have taken a legal opinion and spoken to police commissioner Goutam Mohan Chakraborty about this” Ganguly said.

“I came to know about this very late last night. In due course, you will find out the truth,” he added.

Ganguly though lost his cool when a scribe asked if he felt that it was a conspiracy against him. “What is your opinion?” the scribe asked. He retorted: “Why always take my opinion and put the blame on my shoulder always”.

The investigation will happen and you will find who is right.”
Union Minister of Tourism Sultan Ahmed, who is also the president of Mohammedan Sporting Club  claimed that the sting was cooked up to tarnish the iconic left-hander’s image.
“It was a planted story and done intentionally to coincide with his foray into cricket administration. Inquiry will follow and you will come to know about the actual truth,” Ahmed said.

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