BJP asks Centre to set right 'imbalance' in power allocation

BJP asks Centre to set right 'imbalance' in power allocation

A resolution adopted at the end of the party's two-day executive committee meeting here demanded that the Centre set right "imbalance" in allocation of power to different states.

BJP states spokesperson C T Ravi said state's share was reduced by 50 MW from 1513 MW.

The party at the same time asked its government to withdraw load shedding in force in rural areas.

In the wake of good rains in catchment areas of major reservoirs (Linganamakki, Mani and Supa), the state government should review the decision to enforce load shedding, BJP spokesperson C T Ravi said.

It observed that 30 per cent of foodgrains meant to be distributed under the Public Distribution Scheme was "reaching the black market" and some traders were hoarding foodgrains to artificially jack up prices.

The committee asked the Centre to implement Congress' poll promise of bail-out package for coffee growers and labourers who are in dire straits.

It also appealed to the Centre to ensure minimum 100 days of employment under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and increase wages from Rs 105 to Rs 125.

The committee called for banning right wing Muslim organisations like Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) and Popular Front of India (PFI), saying they disrupt communal harmony.