Jade's ghost 'upset' over hubby's sex romp

Jade's ghost 'upset' over hubby's sex romp

Jade's ghost 'upset' over hubby's sex romp

Jade Goody and Jack Tweed in the good old days‘Big Brother’ star Jade, 27, married Jack Tweed, 22, less than a month before she died of cervical cancer in March.

But Tweed admitted last month that he had sex with model Lisa O’Connor in June.
Jade’s mother Jackiey Budden on Monday said that her daughter’s presence was felt during a two-hour seance with a psychic and that she regretted having married Jack

Tweed as “the biggest mistake” of her life.

The Sun quoted the psychic as telling Jackiey: “Jade wants to say ‘sorry mum’ for not listening to you. She knows it was the biggest mistake she ever made —but she just wanted to be a princess.

“She still loves him and knows he loved her, but she’s disgusted with his behaviour and thinks it’s disrespectful to her memory and to you.”

Meanwhile, Tweed said he felt “dirty and sick” after his one-night stand. “I didn’t stay the night. I had started to sober up and left after it happened. I felt so guilty that I started crying when I went home,” he told new! magazine.

“I didn’t really know her, but she kept turning up at all these  nightclubs. She knew I was going to be there because they’d been advertised on Facebook.”

He added: “I can’t remember it at all. I’d had so much to drink and I’m a bloke and these things happen. It’s all very blurry.” “I think, ‘What happens if she (Jade) can see and she saw me doing that?’ I know she told me to move on, but it’s very soon.” But Lisa told The News of the World: “I’d barely spoken and he was asking me for sex outright. Jade didn’t seem to be much in Jack’s thoughts. He never mentioned her ever. He only had one thing on his mind.”

Mother-in-law Jackiey told The Sun: “I’ve stuck up for him too often, but not anymore.

“He’s 22 and I expect that. But don’t give interviews blaming drink, because it’s rubbish.

It made me sick that he was with a girl just three weeks after the funeral. I was shocked.”

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