Cops ready with bullet proof jackets for Dasara

Coinciding with the biggest celebration of the year, the city police have received 50 bullet proof jackets. It’s for the first time the police have received the sophisticated armour, which will be used by the force depending on the situation henceforth. In the wake of Mumbai terror attack, a route march has been planned on July 20, to tell the people that police are ready to deal with any danger, commissioner said.

That apart, it has been decided to unplug many a holes before the d-day. Elaborating on the plans, the commissioner said notice will be served on those lodges having 10 and above rooms who haven’t equipped their lounges with close circuit TV cameras. The cameras should be installed within August.The violators will not be allowed to continue business after the deadline, he warned.

The commissioner said terrorists cannot act overnight as it requires a reece of the area, besides detailed planning. The need of the hour will be keeping an eye on those who have checked into  the lodges a few months in advance, besides acting in a suspicious manner. To make it effective, surprise raids will also be conducted.

The hospitals including both government and private where in-patient facilities are available will also be asked to install CCTVs to keep track of every person.

It’s the public who have to remain pro-active always,’ as they are already asked to be abreast of every happenings in the area-good or bad and pass on the information to the police. ‘Namma Mane’ a recent programme involving police to bring back school dropouts will definitely come in handy during this situation, as every police is in-charge of 200 houses, the police commissioner said.

As a permanent measure, the office of police commissioner has sought additional 30 CCTV cameras to be installed at a few more junctions. In the present scenario, 42 cameras have been put up at select junctions.

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