Pencil cap or personalised rakhi, take your pick

Pencil cap or personalised rakhi, take your pick


Personalised rakhi

Things needed:

- Many passport size photographs of yourself (no. to match the rakhis/friendship bands you want to make)
- Thick, coloured (any except green) cardboard
- Glitter pens / glitter paints
- Thin satin ribbon or multi-coloured chord
- Strong glue

Instructions: Cut out square pieces of 2” sides from the coloured cardboards. Draw the outline of petals of flowers on the outer edges of these squares. Cut out the shape of these flowers. Gently fold these (don’t press) and cut out round shapes in the centre of these flowers. Sketch or paint designs with glitter pens/paints on the petals. Place these flowers on your photographs to show your face through the round-cut center and stick on. If corners of photographs are showing, cut them off. Cut out 5 or 6 inch pieces of chord or satin ribbon and stick the middle part of it on the wrong side of your photograph.

Funky jewellery

Things needed:

- Old magazine with glossy thick pages
- Fevicol
- Thick twine or thin wire
- A couple of matchsticks

Instructions: Cut many triangles from the glossy paper of an old magazine, measuring 1 cm for the base and 3 cm for the two sides. Take a matchstick and roll the triangular piece of paper round it tightly, starting from the base. Stick the edge of the tapering end of it with fevicol. Hold tight till it sticks. Then slip it off the matchstick and keep aside to dry. Your colourful bead is ready. When many such beads are made, string the twine or wire through them. You can make chains of the required length or bracelets out of them. Your sister will cherish this funky gift all her life.

File holder

Things needed:

- An old, firm bangle
- Satin ribbon of 1-inch width, 1½ metres long
- Needle and thread (of the colour of the ribbon)
- Colourful stickers (optional)

Instructions: Cut the ribbon into two equal parts. Pass one through the bangle and stitch the two ends together, on the wrong side. Repeat it with the other ribbon too. Turn the stitched ribbons right side out and place them next to each other. Now stitch together – side by side, the already stitched parts on both outer ends, to fasten them to the bangle in place. You may decorate these ribbons by pasting stickers on the side of the ribbons facing up. The bangle is to be hung on a nail on the wall, for your sibling/friend to place school files and project works in between the loops formed by the ribbons. This can also be used as a tray holder or magazine/ newspaper holder.

Family tree

Things needed:

- Thick cardboard of pizza box
- Aluminium foil
- A family group photograph with faces showing clearly
- Fevicol
- Green-coloured paper/green paints
- Cellotape

Instructions: Draw the outline of the trunk of a tree with its branches, (no. of branches to be equal or more than the no. of family members) on the cardboard and cut it out. Cut out one extra lower part of trunk about 3 inches in height. Tightly wrap aluminium foil all over them on. Cut out wide leaves from cardboard and stick green paper on them or paint them green. Cut out faces from family photograph and stick on the green leaves. Suspend each leaf on a branch and stick with cellotape on the reverse. Make a slit — 3-inches long — in the middle of the base of tree trunk Slide in the extra base of tree trunk into this slit. This will help your family tree to stand upright.

Scrap book

Things needed:

- A colourful spiral-bound note book
- Photographs of you with your sibling/friend
- Glue
- Glitter pens
- Any memorabilia of time spent together (notes/doodles exchanged in class, movie/play tickets, etc.)

Instructions: Stick one photograph on each page. Stick memorabilia also on pages. Using glitter pens, draw designs all around on these pages and write a personal note.
Pencil caps

Things needed:
- Velvet paper
- Glue
- Sketch pens

Instructions: The colour of the velvet paper depends on the colour of your choice of animal. For instance, yellow for tiger, white for panda, brown for dog. Place 2 square pieces of the chosen colour of velvet paper – the right side facing each other and wrong side facing up. Draw the outline of the animal with the head and outstretched front limbs.
Cut along the outline. Turn them right side out and stick both together, leaving space just enough for a pencil to go in from the bottom (at centre of base). Draw the features of the face and limbs (like paws) with dark sketch pens.

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