A time with the family

A time with the family


A time with the family

The Ganesha festival is all about celebrating life with lots of sweets, good homemade food — which they often miss when they are away shooting — and catching up with their friends. And so the festival is inevitably about satiating one’s taste buds as much as the pujas and rituals. There are specific dishes that are made only during this festival. Up North, preparations begin 10 days in advance while down South, they kick off only a few days prior to the actual festival.

In every household, women prepare the ingredients for popular sweet dishes even as the idol of Ganesha is washed, cleaned and smeared with colour.

The idol is then decorated with flowers and later the dishes are spread out before him. After puja, these dishes are passed around to family and friends.

This is the scene in every celebrity’s house. Metrolife spoke to a few actors and asked them about their plans for the festival.

Ramesh Aravind: “My sister has come down from abroad, so we will be having a big family get-together after a small puja. Of all the gods, I find Ganesha the most endearing. I think most people like Ganesha. I am also doing a stage show called Ganesha Ramesha, which I put together about modern Ganesha.” 

Ramya: “I am shooting throughout and I don’t think I will be able to partake in all the goodies and festivities. I am on a strict diet and I believe that as you age, the harder it is to lose weight. I would have to give up all good things during this year’s Ganesha owing to my tight shooting schedules.” 

Amrita Rao: “I still remember that as a child, I used to spend the festival day at my grandmother’s house where a huge idol would be placed, all decked up. There would be  various dances throughout the day. And I would dance all day. I also participate in our community celebrations where an eco-friendly Ganesha is placed and later immersed in water. Of course, food is an inseparable part of any festival.”

Raveena Tandon: “Every year, I make all the items for puja such as ladoos, gulab jamun, coconut burfi and halwa. I don’t believe in buying sweets for the festival from outside, instead we make everything at home. Bhajans are sung throughout the day and we bring home an eco-friendly Ganesha. I always like to do things the organic way. My kids are highly excited. They dance to the tune of Jai Dev Jai Dev... practically the whole day. I guess that’s their way of offering their prayers to god.”