MJ's friend says he gave pop star his sperm

MJ's friend says he gave pop star his sperm

New dad



“I gave Michael my sperm so that he could have kids and I believe Paris is my daughter,” Mark told The News of the World. According to Mark, Jackson was worried he would never father his own kids because of his crippling shyness. Jackson was, as Mark put it, “asexual”. “Michael found it very difficult to have relationships with women. He found the sexual act something he couldn’t do. When he was about 16 or 17, he had a very famous female child star who basically jumped on him...tried to seduce him. He became very scared and found it so disturbing, he couldn’t perform. Michael wasn’t gay. But I’d say he was asexual.”

“In one of our regular phone conversations he said he realised having kids was a natural thing but that he just couldn’t do it. “I mentioned the fact there are alternative ways of going about it. We even joked that you can use a turkey baster referring to artificial insemination. I think he’d already tried using his own sperm but it hadn’t worked for him, so I made an off-the-cuff comment saying: “Try mine”.

Mark also declared that he was willing to take a paternity test to establish the truth.
Desire for young boys

Meanwhile, in a bizzare revelation, it has been claimed that  Michael Jackson used to consume a ‘chemical castration’ drug to suppress his sexual urges towards young boys.
Jackson who was twice accused of child molestation took the powerful drug known as ‘Depo Provera’, which is usually given to sex offenders to cool their sexual appetite, Mirror reported online.

The drug which restricts the flow of testosterone producing brain hormones, was prescribed to the star by Dr Alimorad Farshchian. He was the singer’s physician between 2001 and 2003. The doctor’s spokesman confirmed that he had prescribed drugs to Jacko to curb his sex drive. Farshchian began prescribing Depo Provera after he became concerned at Jackson’s attitude to young boys at his Neverland sleepovers said the report.



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