Battered roads scourge public in Sakleshpur

Battered roads scourge public in Sakleshpur

Funds were allotted to lay asphalt on Sakleshwaraswamy temple road, Aiyappaswamy Temple  road, Vasavi Temple road, Azad road, Hale Santhaveri road, Kushalanagar road, St Joseph High School road and Manjarabad Club Road during 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11.

However, within a year of the work being undertaken, the poor quality of work can be seen as potholes have formed on reach road.

Light vehicles bear the maximum brunt on these roads. With rain water filling the potholes, it is impossible to judge the depth causing damage to cars and two-wheelers.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, MLA H K Kumaraswamy lashed out at the poor quality of work taken up by contractors.

He said there is a need to conduct an investigation into the issue. A report should be submitted as to how contractors were paid even though the roads didn’t meet the expectations.

While people suffer due to potholed roads, it is yet to be seen as to what measures would be taken up by the town municipal council.