Literacy rate: Mandya placed 20th in State

Literacy rate: Mandya placed 20th in State

70.14 per cent literate in district; increase of 9.09 per cent

The total population of the district is 18.08 lakh and the literacy rate is 70.14 per cent. But it is less than the average literacy rate of the state (75.60 pc) and country (74.04 pc). In literacy rate the district  has been now placed in the 20th slot.

The literacy rate which was 61.05 in 2001 has now increased to 70.14. But the literacy rate of women has not shown any improvements.

About 11,54,952 people are literate in the district and the literacy rate of men is 78.14 and 62.10 for women. In 2001, it was 70.50 pc men and 51.53 pc women.
According to population census, the total literacy rate in 1991 was 48.15 and by 2001 it had increased to 61.05 pc. There was a stable increase of 12.9 pc.

Though the literacy rate increased to 70.14 pc in 2011, when compared to 1991-2001 there is a slump of 3.81 pc.


As per the 2011 census report there is a population of 18,08,680 in the district. Out of this,
9,09,441 are men and 8,99,239 are women. It is 2.96 pc of the total population of the state. There is an increase of 2.55 per cent.

The district has seen a rise in sex ratio when compared to national (940) and state (968).

There are 989 women for every 1,000 men. There are 365 people in one sq/ km.