Visitors make a beeline for Chanchalguda jail

Visitors make a beeline for Chanchalguda jail

The jail authorities, however, finally allowed a very few of the visitors to meet the two VIPs, under trial.

The officials said: “We have been told by Janardhana Reddy himself not to allow a large number of people as he is in no mood to talk.” Karunakara Reddy, who came to meet his brother, went through all the procedures.

He first registered his name at the gate to meet his brother lodged in the general cell. Both Janardhana Reddy and his relative Srinivasa Reddy were shifted to the general cell from the observation cell near the reception block as they completed the stipulated time of stay under observation.

Panyam MLA Katasani Rambhupal Reddy,  a close relative of Gali, was allowed to meet him in the jail.

“We are relatives and I felt that it’s my duty to see him when he is in trouble,” he told the media outside the Jail.

However, Jail authorities refused permission to Rayadurgam MLA, Kapu Ramachandra Reddy, another close confidant of Gali.

Sources confirm that the CBI has already prepared the ground for the arrest of Ramachandra Reddy, for his alleged role in the illegal mining case. Similarly, brother of Srinivasa Reddy also failed to convince the authorities.

Gali’s lawyer G V Narasimha Reddy, who was allowed to meet his client, spent considerable time discussing various aspects of the case.

Dr Raman, jail medical officer, who checked the health condition of the undertrials said that both Gali and Srinivasa Reddy were  physically fit.

Jail authorities said they had bread and fruits in addition to the allowed ration, as per rules. They could not shift them to the other barrack on Tuesday night as Gali was suffering from slight headache.