Writers' garden

Writers' garden

Future’s Way

Tomorrow depends on today, as today dependent on yesterday
When tomorrow is at stake, we but say
I have no time today.

Time runs on waiting for none,
Every day at the same hour rises the sun
Twenty-four hours we manage to get
But not suffice time we do firth

But if you think, you’ll realise
Every day has a tomorrow and tomorrow likewise
So forget tomorrow and dwell on today
Hence you’ll make it to tomorrow in a safe way.

R Sushmitha, Class IX A, VVSPHS

Mysteries of the forest

Come with me to the forest,
Come with me to the forest,
Come with me to the forest to see the animals.
I can hear a chattering, a chattering, a chattering
I can hear a chattering right now.
I think it is a monkey chattering at us!

I can hear a trumpeting, a trumpeting, a trumpeting
I can hear a trumpeting right now.

I think it is an elephant trumpeting at us!

I can hear a roaring, a roaring, a roaring
I can hear a roaring right now.
I think it is a lion roaring at us!

I am getting scared now, scared now, scared now
I am getting very scared right now.
I think we should run away right now!

Pratibha Srivatsan (6), Class I,
Royale Concorde International School 

The Actress

She was born for this and only this
The stage was called her throne
For years she portrayed every character
The world became her own.

One by one the words unfolded
People saw her as the person she played
The audience was always spellbound
After the first line everything else would fade.

On her whim you could laugh or cry
Watching in awe as the story unwound
She had you listening to her every word
All were entranced without a sound.

There was sadness as she made her last bow
But on her face was a brilliant smile
They would all be back, this she did know
Time to take off the costume for a little while.

Malini Srikrishna (13), SKCH (CBSE) 

 A dwarf taught me to moonwalk

I was alone at home on a Saturday night
So I jumped up and played the first CD in sight
I feel the music beating in my ear
Oh wow! It’s the No. 1 hit of the year!

I swing my arms and start to dance
When I see something giving me a glance
A little dwarf had jumped into my house
And gave a look of disgust as if were a mouse!

He says, “Oh stupid kid, how badly you jive,”
“If I see you dance all night I don’t think I’ll stay alive!”
I retaliate in anger, “Of course I dance well, at least give me a chance.” 
Again squeaked the dwarf, “No need for that, now I’ll teach you how to pop, lock and prance!”

After hearing the mini man, to laugh I couldn’t stop
But I stopped chuckling after I saw his hip hop
So all night we danced without rest
But finally the dwarf sat down, saying I’m hopeless!

I was tired and played my favourite beat
And promptly started moving my feet
To the dwarf’s surprise, I was really good
I dance just like how Michael Jackson would!

That night was really awesome 
After all my dance was not so gruesome
But I kept it a secret because everyone would laugh and mock
If I told them that a dwarf taught me to moonwalk!

Eashan  Uthayya (14), Class IX ‘H’,
Delhi Public School, Ahmedabad

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