Air France to auction seats on A380

Air France to auction seats on A380

Air France will operate the world’s largest passenger aircraft flight from Paris to New York on November 20, 2009, and from New York to Paris the next day.
This exclusive auction will take place on the internet in October 2009. The profits will be used to fund three humanitarian projects supported by the Air France Corporate Foundation in India, South Africa and France.

An airline release said that in India, the project “Association Plan France-India” would benefit 500 child labourers in Delhi, in terms of improving their living conditions and enabling them to build a better future.
The “Dhaba Kids” project in South Delhi includes initiatives to specifically help children working in dhabas.

The project also supports efforts by non-formal education centres to impart knowledge in academics and sports. The centres also distribute kits covering health education to children as well as parents/employers, thereby raising their awareness of health risks and hygienic practices.

Speaking on the initiative, Pierre Henri Gourgeon, Chief Executive Officer, Air France, said: “Since 1992, the Air France Corporate Foundation has supported over 500 projects in 67 countries in order to enable sick and disabled children as well as those in great distress to have access to education and cultural activities. We believe it is important that the first Air France Airbus A380 flight should not simply symbolise a technological achievement at the service of our customers, but also an operation in support of those in distress.”
The commercial operation of the flights will commence with the Paris/New York departure on November 23, 2009, and bookings are already open.

Air France is the first European airline to provide passengers with the comfort of Airbus A380, besides an offer of transatlantic travel between Europe and the US on the new wide-bodied aircraft.