Criticism of BU true in varying degrees: V-C

Criticism of BU true in varying degrees: V-C

N Prabhu Dev

“This is to openly thank all the participants who made the article possible. As the Vice Chancellor of the University, I strongly feel that I have an inherent right to be heard. Well I have not been and hence this letter. I have read the entire article with all the attention it deserves.

“There was a time when the advertisements for jobs, PG courses and professional institutions used to carry a footnote saying “BU graduates need not apply”. We have come a long way from the mess that was BU. We are working relentlessly towards erasing that memory. We have taken steps to usher in transparency in the examination wing. The system has been made responsive to the current needs. Reforms have been brought in administrative, academic and research activities.

“This year BU has been rated ninth amongst the top 10 universities of India. That seems to be the bone of contention amongst the participants. We were 13th amongst the top 50 universities of the 505 in India last year. We have been the first in Karnataka last year and we are the first this year also.

“I acknowledge that most of the criticism/lapses are true in varying degrees. That’s the reason why we are in the ninth position. Otherwise Bangalore University would have been the number one university in India.

The enlightened participants have shown the road map to reach that position. I thank one and all again.

“Healthy criticism - I believe is a stepping stone to reach the top. I will spare no effort towards achieving that goal. It’s a mission and is eminently achievable.

“There is a mention about my clash with the Hon’ble Minister for Higher Education. I do not know the basis for such a mention. I would like to mention that there is no iota of truth in that. I am too small a person to clash with someone like the Hon’ble Minister. I have the greatest regards and respect for Dr V S Acharya.

“I want to make it very clear that I am not against the proposal for creating a new university altogether in Bangalore. We can even transfer all the rural colleges and B.Ed colleges to the new university with a new campus. It would be like transferring about 250-300 colleges to the new university.

“I have expressed my views only against splitting the existing university and transfer of the faculty to the new varsity, as it would lead to de-recognition of both the units of Bangalore University by the UGC. The remedy should not be worse than the disease.“