Vandhan Vendran

Vandhan Vendran

Pugilists conquest

Life-like: Jiva and Taapsee in Vandhan Vendran.From the successful director of Kandaen Kadhalai and Jayam Kondan comes Jiva’s action-surchaged crime-cum-romantic entertainer Vandhan Vendran. The hype is justified too.

Groomed under Manirathnam, Kannan sure knows his metier to turn his venture into surefire winner. One can safely say Kannan has hit hat-trick with Vandhan Vendran. Indeed, as goes the title, “he came and he conquered.”

The film centres around Arjun, a pugilist, setting foot in ‘aamchi’ Mumbai, to get into the good books of dreaded don Ramana and narrate his love tale with Anjali to him. Arjun hopes he can convince Ramana to surrender to police being responsible for death of Anjali’s businessman dad during a shoot-out. Well, will love-struck beau strike a chord in Ramana (and who is he actually) and win over his lady love who will reciprocate only when he succeeds in this onerous task forms the film’s story.

While Jiva passes muster as a brawny, boxing pro and chocolatey lover, Tapasee forms the perfect foil for him, while Nandha as the villain does his job with aplomb. Visit only if you must.