Not even backseat left for men!

Not even backseat left for men!

The excitement was more than palpable in and around the area. Women dressed in red, with their quintessential shades on, and a small pin in place of a corsage, stood discussing symbols used to indicate directions in a car rally. Some sought help from their husbands to understand the symbols, while some chose to decipher them with their navigating partners who would accompany them in the car.

Organised by Ladies Circle India (LCI), the rally was to create awareness about LCI and its activities, which are mainly focused on charity and education. ‘Heels on wheels’ as it was called, was flagged off by actor Ragini Dwivedi at Urs Kar on Sunday morning. An all women-driven and navigated  treasure hunt was the must watch .

LCI’s Aditi Rao, Masuma Vagh and Area Six chairperson Neeta Kushalappa, said the event was the first of its kind Mysore had even seen in Time-Speed-Distance format.

They said the rally was aimed at carrying home the name of LC India. The organisation mainly concentrates on the national project ‘Educate to Enlighten’, which focuses on child education, by way of building infrastructure, providing teaching aid, furniture, mid-day meals, health camps and handing out scholarships for students from economically weaker sections of the society.

The participants of the rally were expected to maintain time and drive at a particular speed and finish the entire treasure hunt cum rally in an hour and half. The distance to be covered stood at 40 to 50 km and the participants were expected to maintain a speed of 25 to 30 kmph. Only two ladies were to occupy the car. At the end of the rally, all these factors would play a decisive role in deciding the winner.


When the rally ended, six women had beaten their counterparts. Shruti Ranga and Soniya came first, Krupa Sumanth and Alifiya Vagh stood second, and Kekushahn Vagh and Isha Micky bagged third places respectively.