Mind has a role to play in controlling disease: Dr Hegde

Mind has a role to play in controlling disease: Dr Hegde

Delivering a lecture organised by Father Muller Medical College and Deccan Herald, Hegde said that medicine is an art based on statistical science. Art of medicine becomes fruitful when a doctor makes a patient’s day, he added.

“Faith in a doctor can heal a person and this is called placebo effect,” pointed out Hegde who spoke on a study where patients did not receive any relief when they were given Morphine saying that it is a vitamin tablet. However, when the patients were given sugar tablet saying it’s a pain killer, most of the patients received total relief, he said and informed students that mind plays an important role in controlling any disease.
Hegde also added that nature has given every person a good doctor called “Immune System” and interventions by human beings many a times affect the natural healing process.

Speaking on the current medical scenario which practices organ based medicine, he said that there are specialists for every part of the body. However, a sickness affects the entire body, he added.

He pointed out that according to a US study, many people die on authorized drugs than illegal ones. Saying that sun is a best healer, he advised people to sit in sun as they can have rich Vitamin D. “Many sunscreen advertisements may say that sun can cause cancer, however it’s not the sun but the sunscreen that is harmful,” he added.

Speaking on the properties of Silver, Hegde said that in olden days people used to have food in silver ware and many temples still store teertha in silver. “Silver helps in killing germs and is a good purifying agent,” he informed.

Speaking on new researches in medicine, he said that stimulating cells using electromagnetic fields have worked wonders in healing people.

“Today’s medical fraternity may have a notion that everything is achieved and nothing is beyond. Get out of the mindset and look for the beyond,” he said.

Education teaches one to act justly, skillfully and magnanimously under any circumstance of war and peace, said Hegde and advised students to take the less trodden path to achieve success.

The lecture was followed by an interaction. More than 400 students were present.Deccan Herald Mangalore Bureau Chief Dr Ronald Anil Fernandes informed students on the DHiE programme which is meant exclusively for students and asked them to avail it at a concessional rate.

He also introduced the functioning of Deccan Herald and the different supplements it has.
FMMC Administrator Fr Denis D’Sa, FMMC Dean Dr J P Alva, Deccan Herald Senior Manager Shivaraj Narona were also present on the occasion.