No reprieve for Darshan

No reprieve for Darshan

No reprieve for Darshan

Kannada film actor Darshan- File Photo

It has to be now seen whether Darshan will be back in the Parappana Agrahara jail or remain in the hospital with a “new ailment”.

Shantinath C Agasimani, Public Prosecutor, told Deccan Herald that the court had rejected Darshan’s bail application on four counts:

1. With the investigation still pending, granting bail may affect it.
2. The kind of cruelty he had subjected his wife to is grave and inhuman.
3. The offence falls under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code.
4. There is every chance the accused may pressure the witness and that may hamper the investigation.

Agasimani pointed out to the court the ‘influence’ Darshan commands while citing an example how the star walked in and out of the Parappana Agrahara jail and managed to stay in hospital from Day  One of his judicial custody. The public prosecutor also recalled the April incident when Darshan allegedly tortured his wife by causing burns to her with a cigarette butt. In his argument, Agasimani made it clear that the act was cruel. Also, the fact that Darshan — portrayed as a hero and do-gooder in a majority of his films — behaved so crudely in real life went against him.

Shantinath’s argument on Darshan’s behaviour with his son when he menacingly lifted the child in anger was termed an act of attempt to murder.

The court was convinced that if Darshan came out on bail, he was sure to put pressure on the investigating officer, complainant and witness, which in turn would hamper the course of the investigation of the case.

What next?
Darshan’s advocates have to move the Court for bail. Once they get certified copies from the court, they will have to apply for bail under Section 439 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Again, the same procedure will be followed where another public prosecutor will argue against him. The entire procedure is sure to take at least a minimum of five days to a week.

Producers in tears
On hearing the news of the court rejecting Darshan’s bail plea, several film producers who have invested crores of rupees and signed the actor for their movies, rushed to the hospital.They are worried their investments would go up in smoke in the event of a disgraced Darshan landing behind bars and tarnishing his image further.

Though he has a great fan following, an element of doubt is said to haunt the movie-makers, even as a section of them fears women fans might outrightly reject the Challenging Star.