A splash of vivid colours

A splash of vivid colours


The fest saw performances by students from 50 colleges in and around the City and included technical, cultural, literary, management and sports events.

The first day witnessed a variety of musical competitions including group singing, Anthakshari, Maaya Idol (singing competition),  fashion show, mad ads, short movie-making and gaming events like ‘Counter Strike’, street cricket, street football and slow drag.

Glaze painting, collage and photography added colour and thrill to the competition.
Informal events like ‘Golgappa’ and ‘Chilly-Eating’ added excitement to the competition.
Literary events like creative writing, wordly matters and chameleon tested the vocabulary, grammar and knowledge quotient of the participants. The students set the ramp on fire at the fashion show. The budding models impressed everyone with their attire and attitude.

‘Crossroads’, the music festival of ‘Maaya’, saw the ‘Battle of the Bands’, a rock band performance.

This was followed by a DJ night which attracted young people from all over the City. There were many fillers like classical and Western dances and band performances to keep the spirit alive. 

The second day was even more enchanting with dance performances by the students in contemporary and Western styles. Theatre events like ‘Air Crash’, ‘Bluff Master’, ‘Act and React’ entertained the crowd while ‘Circuit Building’ and ‘Robotics’ showcased the technical knowledge of the students.

‘Beauty and the Geek’, ‘Treasure Hunt’ and ‘Street Play’ saw huge participation from different colleges.  The ‘Headlining Act’ by the folk fusion-rock band ‘Swarathma’ brought an electrifying end to the exciting and enthusiastic two-day fest. J Surya Prasad, Principal and Director of PESSE, was happy as the third edition of the fest saw huge participation.

“It was a visual treat as the young minds amazed all with their talent. We hope to have more such events where in students can showcase their creativity and aptitude,” said, D Jawahar, the CEO of PES Institutions.

“We started our preparations a month before and decided on the theme ‘Pirates’. All the PESSE students and faculty members struggled hard to make it a big success,” said Sindhu, a student co-ordinator.