Rajasthan minister gives free hand to cops

Rajasthan minister gives free hand to cops

He has advised policemen in the state to act aggressively if they are out-numbered by a mob and attacks them; even if it means some innocents also fall prey to the police action.

Referring to the Bharatpur incident where two on-duty police constables were beaten up by villagers in violence-hit Gopalgarh, the minister said, “The police should go back to the village with larger force and beat the miscreants and don’t come back got beaten up. Even if a few of the innocents get beaten, then let it be.''

Dhariwal made the controversial statement while addressing a meeting of retired personnel of state police services in Jaipur on Monday.

This irresponsible statement comes close on the heels of a Congress delegation sent by party  high command concluded that there were "police excesses" during Bharatpur violence and the minority community were at the receiving end.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, while admitting administrative lapses during the violence, has put the district collector and the SP on awaited posting orders and had ordered two separate inquiries—one a judicial and other by CBI - into the September 14 incident which claimed 10 lives.