Adding fuel to their desires

Adding fuel to their desires

Hobby Club

Founded by Brian, Amrit, Lokesh and Sam in 2007, the club was officially launched by these bike enthusiasts on July 13, 2008 at the 6th Annual International Jawa Yezdi Day, which takes place across the world.

“I came across Amrit and Lokesh on a social networking site, and we decided to take the idea of forming a club forward. From then on, it has been a great going,” recalls Brian. “Prior to the official launch, we used to have many informal rides around
Bangalore. Five to ten of us would meet on a Sunday morning, ride to the outskirts of the City, have breakfast and come back,” he adds.

For Amrit, the entire experience has been “a beautiful journey”. “Lokesh and I used to go to the same mechanic in Shivajinagar for spare parts. That’s how we met and thought of starting a bike club on Orkut. Brian just added fuel to our desire,” he says. Amrit owns three classic bikes — Jawa 1974, Yezdi Monarch 1994 and Yezdi Roadking 1996. “I learnt biking when I was in the calss five on my dad’s Yezdi,” he says. “But in 1997, he sold his two bikes off to buy a scooter,” he adds sadly.

“That’s when my craving for bikes began, and I wished to buy one of these rare bikes.” Incidentally, the same year, one of Amrit’s cousins purchased a Yezdi Roadking. “After riding it, my love for these bikes increased all the more. Then I finally got my first Yezdi Monarch in 2004,” he informs.

Lokesh, another founder member of the club, started a community on the Internet even before he owned one of the classic bikes. “I had always longed for a Yezdi as my cousins had the bike. So I started a community called Yezdi Roadking Club. Two or three months after that, I bought my first bike, which was a Roadking,” he says. Like most bikers, Lokesh loves the sound of the Yezdi. “It’s just so powerful and motivating. So you can imagine the sound that 40-50 Yezdis on a bikers’ meet will make,” he exclaims.

Currently, Lokesh owns two bikes — Roadking 1996 and Jawa 1970. Two of his most memorable moments, being a part of the club were the Freedom Ride that the bikers had on August 15, 2008. “Even the annual meets that we had in July in 2008 and 2009 were so special as we had one of the biggest crowds, more than most of the countries that took part.” Amrit has many interesting stories to tell about his beautiful bikes. One being how he became the proud owner of a Jawa 1974.

“I was taking my Roadking to the office one day, when I came across an old man in the traffic. He asked me about the bike and invited me to come and see his Jawa, and purchase it. I went on a Saturday to see it and decided to buy it. He sold it to me on the condition that I wouldn’t sell it to anyone,” he says nostalgically.

His 15th birthday was the most memorable for Brian as he learnt how to ride a bike on a Jawa from his father.

 “My father told me that I can ride the bike only if I can kickstart it,” he laughs. “That’s because one has to be strong enough to ride these bikes,” he adds.

According to the members, these bikes don’t require much maintenance. “You just need to oil and fuel them regularly and service them once in a while,” says Brian. Adds Amrit, “No other bike is as comfortable to ride as a Yezdi. Moreover, you will get a
backache if you ride most bikes for long. But that’s not the case here.”

The most recent meet that the bikers had was the Freedom Ride on August 15 where they rode all the way to the Nandi Hills.

Anyone can be a member of the Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club provided they own a Jawa or a Yezdi. Visit for details.