Price increase fuels search for alternatives

Price increase fuels search for alternatives

People look at using public transport, cutting expenses

While some have resorted to cutting unnecessary expenses, several others have chosen to hop onto public transport as the petrol price has gone up by Rs 17.13 per litre in a span of a year.

A few argue that the State government should reduce the taxes on fuel and some have decided to take the hike in their stride.

M Manickavelu from Mindtree Consultancies said the hike in petrol price would force people to think twice before being extravagant.

Public transport

He reasoned that India didn’t feel the impact of the post-2008 recession due to the habit of saving. People should stick to their basic needs and must use public transport, he said.

“The hike will also compel people to innovate and think of alternative fuels to suit their needs,” said Manickavelu.

But, many don’t see his ideas feasible for practical reasons. Chethan Rajashekar Naidu, a Business Management student of Dayanand Sagar College said there are no proper bus or metro rail facilities close to his residence. Even though he is ready to choose alternative means of transport, he is unable to do so and forced to use his bike to travel around.

“My parents give me Rs 3,500 to Rs 4,000 towards petrol expenses, every month. Since I travel around 60 km a day, I have to spend at least Rs 500 every week on petrol.”

Adulteration of fuel “Although my father has his own firm and his disposable income has not been hurt much, I am looking at public transport as an option,” Jyotsna Sripada, a student of Mount Carmel College, told Deccan Herald. Apart from the increase in price, another problem is adulteration of the fuel.

“I feel petrol is being adulterated, I’m not sure as I have heard that my bike’s mileage is very bad,” said Pratibha Dabgar, a laboratory manager.