A treat for the eyes

A treat for the eyes

Glittering evening

Chivas Studio Spotlight’, an event that highlighted fashion, art, culture, music, mixology and gastronomy, was recently held in the City.

The evening was attended by many, and centred around designer Deepika Govind’s new collection, christened ‘A Doll’s House’. It also included a photo exhibition as well as some incredible music and dance performances by Gilles Chuyen and Shilpika Bordoloi.

Both Gilles Chuyen and Shilpika Bordoloi, dressed in ivory silk with dramatic make-up, was quite a spectacle as they wandered amongst the crowd, striking poses.They also performed a few dance moves on a platform, built at the centre of the room, drawing the attention of the audience for quite a while.

Also part of the programme was the unveiling of Deepika Govind’s new bridal collection — ‘A Doll’s House.’ Pinned on representing the modern woman, this collection was inspired by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s work of the same name, and seemed to have something for everyone, especially for those who choose to stand out.

Trying to bring out the individuality and modernity of the woman of today, while still maintaining an old-fashioned sense of opulence, it included all that a modern bride could dream of: gorgeous lehengas, kanjeevaram and ikat saris and kurtas, and was made entirely out of traditional textiles.

The colour palette included soft ivories, pale golds, rich rusts as well as fiery reds and oranges. The models  had crimped hair and extravagant, bright pink make-up, which accentuated their doll-like features.

They also wore black leather boots, in complete contrast to the feminine lines and flowy silhouettes of the outfits they were modelling.

The themes included ‘The Warrior Doll’, ‘The Artist Doll’ and ‘The Adventurer Doll’.  While ‘The Warrior Doll’ line included brightly coloured, intricately-woven pieces, ‘The Artist Doll’ drew inspiration from a wistful dreamer, and focussed on delicate detailing, layers and elegance, in brocades and silks. ‘The Adventure Doll’ represented the free-spirited woman of today, and included ankle-length panelled jackets and long skirts with lots of surface detailing.

The models didn’t confine themselves to the stage at the end of the room; rather, they moved in a circular formation amongst the crowd, drawing everyone’s attention to the dazzling colours of the outfits.

Also on display were the works of some talented photographers and artists. These included Jitesh Kallat’s portrayal of a series of pockets, Navin Thomas’s work, titled ‘From The Town’s End’, in bewitching shades of midnight blue and black, and L N Tallur’s work, titled ‘Chromatophobia: The Fear of Money’.