Putting God to test

Putting God to test

He does not give me; so I conclude that he does not love me. It may be childish. But this is what we do at times. There is an interesting account in the Bible about a Judge Gideon (Cf. Judges chapters 6&7).

God appeared to him or perhaps he heard it in his heart that he is the chosen one to lead the people to victory against their national enemies who were harassing them at that time.

Gideon says: how can I do it, I am but of a little tribe and small family. But God assures him that he would be with Gideon. Then Gideon tests God.

If it is you, wait a while till I get food offerings for you to eat. Perhaps he thought that if it were God he would not eat and if not God then “it” would eat.

But to his surprise when he places the food on the rock the angel touches it with the tip of his rod and it goes up in flames and the angel disappears.

He has tested and now God would also test him. He would ask him to go and do a bold task in his father’s household. Gideon is frightened.

If he does, he will be punished but he had tested God and so he has to follow suit and be tested. He passes the test. Again in a few days time the enemies come in swarms and Gideon moved by God calls up the people.

A big number gathers but Gideon wants to make sure and tests God twice to show him whether he would be successful in the war.

First he asks that the flax he places should be dry and all around wet in the morning and so it was; not satisfied he repeated the experiment in the opposite direction. Now he asks God that the flax be wet and all around dry on the following morning and so it was. In return God also would test him.

God told Gideon the number with you is too much send away all those who are frightened. He did and many left but God tested Gideon again.

He told him even this number is too much because if I give you the victory you would think it is we, by our own power, won the victory. God brought them to a stream and all those who lapped up the water like dogs were kept back, a mere 300 of them. With these God gave great and unexpected victory to Gideon.

In this story you notice that if you test God be prepared to be tested by him.
Are you ready for the test or would you rather say: I will not test the Lord my God; I will trust him whole-heartedly; let him do what seems best to him.

You can be sure that this is the best course and safest bet!