Railways call BMRCL's bluff

Railways call BMRCL's bluff

Says it has nothing to do with the delays blamed for by the Corporation

The BMRCL, in its latest newsletter, has stated that the construction of North ramp (Platform Road) and  construction of Pocket track for the North-South corridor’s underground stretch was getting delayed as the issue was pending with the Railways.

A senior South Western Railway (SWR) official told Deccan Herald: “The proposal has been submitted to our Board for leasing of Railway land to BMRCL (letter number: SWR/W/571/BMRCL/23 2968 dated July 6, 2011). However, the Cabinet Secretary, Government of India, has recently issued directions to all the ministries not to process any leasing or licensing proposal until new guidelines are issued.  Hence the delay is on account of the policy of the Centre.”

While the BMRCL has claimed that the construction of underground station at the City Railway Station near MG Colony is pending because of the Railways, an SWR official said that the Corporation has only itself to blame for the delay as the Railways has allowed the work which is going on in full swing. So is the nod required for the construction of the
Multi-Modal Passenger Integration facility at Yeshwantpur. “We have allowed the BMRCL work there and it is in full swing without any obstruction from us,” the official said.

Correct drawings

Stating that the reports published blame Railways for the delay, the official also said that the delay in the construction of passenger  walkway at the Baiyyappanahalli Station, for which the Railways was blamed, was actually because the BMRCL has not submitted the correct drawings or showed interest in holding a meeting.

“The main delay for construction of foot overbridge at Baiyyappanahalli is due to faulty drawings submitted by them (BMRCL). Also, they have never discussed any issue with the Railways except sending the drawings through couriers.  

Need for discussion

Such important drawings need to be discussed across the table and doubts are to be clarified and corrections to be attended before processing the same,” he said.

The BMRCL, he claimed, is yet to submit the correct drawings. The reason is the same for the delay in construction of the 66-metre-span across the railway line at Malleswaram.

“They have finally submitted the correct drawings (very) recently and consideration of the same is under process,” he said.