What's on your radar?

What's on your radar?

Years ago, when I was in Bombay, I looked at housing ads which said “only 20 minutes from the railway station.” It meant that the tenant had to walk only 20 minutes to reach the station and catch the local for the work place, which would be 15-20 km away or more, and in the evening walk back for only 20 minutes to reach home. The ad was straight forward and made sense. But what about a similar ad in Bangalore which says: Only 3 km from MG road or near the airport. Earlier, it was the HAL airport now the brand new BIA.

Why should anybody live only 3 km from MG road or near the airport? Surely no one goes to MG Road daily for buying vegetables or beauty aids. Similarly, no one flies daily except the pilot and the cabin crew but even they don’t stay near the airport! The proximity to the airport can make the plane taking off or landing a sight to the eye but the roar of the engine is no music to the ears.

But how come there isn’t a similar advertising buzz about the proximity to the bus stand or the railway station? No builder proudly proclaims that his flats are near the bus stand or the railhead. In fact, this is more practical because many people commute daily by bus or rail and for them staying nearby makes sense.

Staying near a multi-specialty hospital has its own benefits too. Healthcare will then be available next door. But which realtor tom toms this unique selling point? Even if he does will the buyer take it?

House hunting is always tedious. When I shifted to Bangalore I was in
a dilemma: should I look for a house first and then a school nearby for my daughter or first get admission in a reputed school and hunt for a house in its vicinity?

The crunch was that I could get a good school but not an affordable, convenient house in the vicinity or vice versa! Airport or MG Road was not on my radar.

But today the airport itself has come nearer to me compared to those who live in Bangalore south. MG Road, bus and rail stations are where they are! Realtors as usual are persuading people to invest in flats near the new airport. History repeats itself.

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