Police play matchmakers, foil boy's grand plan

Police play matchmakers, foil boy's grand plan

According to the police, Govinda was in love with Venkatamma, a garment worker. As a result of their affair, Venkatamma became pregnant. However, both of them decided to keep it a secret.

Unaware of Govinda’s love affair, his family members finalised an alliance for him with his sister’s daughter. Govinda told Venkatamma that the wedding was being planned against his wish and promised to ‘manage’ it.

However, he started avoiding Venkatamma as the D-day neared. When Venkatamma confronted him, he told her that he could not marry her and would tie the knot with his sister’s daughter.

She brought the matter to the notice of her brother Manjunath on Wednesday night. Manjunath and Govinda exchanged heated words and the matter reached the police station on Thursday.

When Govinda refused to marry Venkatamma, the police warned of taking action as per the law. Finally, he bowed to the pressure and the wedding took place at the temple.