Sai Baba on aspirations

Sai Baba on aspirations

The Almighty and Munificent Lord of Puttaparthi, Sai Baba, however, was never impressed by mere achievement. 

He said, “True sacrifice consists of letting go of undue aspirations for the fruits of your action.  Action then becomes a devotional practice or karma yoga.  The doctrine of karma gives you an idea as to what man’s duty is and how he should go about performing this duty. 

This doctrine further specifies that action just for the sake of action, duty just for the sake of duty, should be transformed into a process of worship. That which you do for your own ends and for selfish reasons cannot be called true action.  When you become selfless, egoless, and have no desire for the fruit of your actions, then all activity truly becomes worship.”

When we work with the idea of earning enough to store up money in the bank, for gifting the relatives, or even for the bare necessities of family life, we are focused on the outer world.  We are not entirely acting out of selflessness. Letting go, surrendering our hearts and minds and bodies to God and relying on him to be the instrument that works through us makes even the most mundane task divine.  This is what Swamiji pointed out consistently in his discourses.  The proper attitude changes work into worship.

The embodiment of all the Avatars including the playful, charming, Lord Krishna, as far back as 1989 in a Summer Showers Discourse at his Brindavan Ashram in Kadugodi, near Bangalore, noted “Today man is carried into the sky by his thoughts; there is no limit to his aspirations. 

Thus he is subjected to despair and despondency.  Despair is in proportion to desires, so by curbing our desires, we lessen our feelings of hopelessness.  Because this journey of life is a long, winding one, we must try to reduce our baggage step by step.  You may have seen these words in the railway compartments: ‘Less baggage, more comfort, make travel a pleasure’.  On this journey of life our desires are our baggage.  The fewer our desires, the greater our comfort, and without desire, life can be a pleasure.”

So, to succeed, it is necessary to empty our minds of the lust for power, money, progeny, and reputation. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai came to fulfill his mission of ushering in the Golden Age.  According to him, the time is now; we are the change.

He showed the way.  He said, “Truth, Right Action, Love, Peace, and Nonviolence are vital for every being.  Among these, the noblest and greatest is Love.  Therefore, cultivate and develop the ideal of love in your hearts.  Fill your lives with love.  These are goals worthy of your aspirations.”