Semral completes memorable double

Semral completes memorable double

Best High School athlete wins 100M, long jump titles

Semral came up with a brilliant show in the 100M event after cutting the tape at 13.4 seconds, nearly a second ahead of second placed Ela Manya Navin of Sacred Heart Girls’ High School (14.2). Kavya M of St Joseph’s Convent Girls’ School stopped the clock at 14.3 to finish third on the podium. Semral was back in action in the long jump pit in a while, and she came up with a 4.78-metre leap to clinch the crown. Clarence High School’s Kavya Jacob (4.75) finished second, while Mary Immaculate High School’s Swathi CG (4.71) came third.

Results: Boys: U-16: 100M: Narayan Sharalaya (Delhi Public School) 11.8, 1; Chetan Gowda M (Devamatha Central School) 12.3, 2; Aaditya P (The New Cambridge English School) 12.4, 3. 800M: Mahesh B (Gandhi Vidyala High School) 2:20.5, 1; Karan Manjunath (St Joseph’s Indian High School) 2:21.4, 2; Richard Suvaris (St Joseph’s Indian High School) 2:23.5, 3.

3000M: Mahesh B (Gandhi Vidyala High School) 10:52.0, 1; Ronald Suvaris (St Joseph’s Indian High School) 11:00.7, 2; Richard Suvaris (St Joseph’s Indian High School) 11:02.2, 3. 110M hurdles: Vishnu S Bhat (St Joseph’s Indian High School) 18.5S, 1; Karan Manjunath (St Joseph’s Indian High School) 19.4, 2; Aaditya P (The New Cambridge English School) 19.9, 3.

Long jump: Nithin B (Daffodils English School) 5.43M, 1; Manogana Ravi (Carmel School) 5.32, 2; Aakash Merwin E (Devamatha Central School) 5.26, 3.

Triple jump: Dhanush Nayak EV (Gandhi Vidyala High School) 11.84M, 1; Rahul SS (S Cadambi Vidya Kendra) 9.90, 2; Hitesh S (New Public English School) 9.72, 3.
High jump: Akash BG (Vidyaniketan Public School) 1.61M, 1; Karthik R (St Mary’s Public School) 1.40, 2; Manoj Kumar S (St Joseph’s Indian High School) 1.40, 3.

Shot put: Bushan Sunderraj (Bishop Cottons Boys’ School) 11.10M, 1; Varun Kirthi Swaroop (Mother Mary English School) 10.15, 2; Veda Vyas Pai B (St Ann’s High School) 10.07, 3.

U-13: 100M: Rahul Reji (The Bridge School) 13.9S, 1; Shreyas Acharya KR (The Bridge School) 14.2, 2; Mayank S (Vidyaniketan School) 14.4, 3.

800M: Nikhit Laxman (Ebenezer International School) 2:20.5, 1; Hari Krishnan LS (St Joseph’s Indian Middle School) 2:21.4, 2; Srinivas S (Seshadripuram English Higher Primary School) 2:23.5, 3.

3000M: Hari Lakshmana LS (St Mary’s Boys’ English Medium School) 13:27.3, 1; Hari Rama LS (St Mary’s Boys’ English Medium School) 13:27.7, 2; Rahul M (Sheshadripuram English Higher Primary School) 15:01.2, 3. 80M hurdles: Rishi Kumar (National Public School) 15.7S, 1; Siddharth Srikanth (National Public School) 15.9, 2; Ismail Ahmed S (St Mary’s Public School) 16.2, 3.

Long jump: Bhagawankripa Mehta (Vidyaniketan School) 4.26M, 1; Shreyas Acharya KR (The Brigade School) 4.25, 2; Chitanya S (Deccan International School) 4.12, 3. Triple jump: Yajath Kumar R (Kendriya Vidyala) 8.35M, 1; Aryan Moin (Vidyaniketan School) 8.19, 2; Dishank (S Cadambi Vidya Kendra) 8.04, 3.

High jump: Sainathin (Deccan International School) 1.27M, 1; Anish Kotecha (Vidyaniketan School) 1.25, 2; Chitanya S (Deccan International School) 1.20, 3.
Shot put: Hriday Patel (Vidyaniketan School) 8.40M, 1; Rohit R (Carmel High School) 8.25, 2; Monish Narayan S (Carmel High School)     8.00, 3.

Girls: U-15: 100M: Semral Dinha K (The Best High School) 13.4S, 1; Ela Manya Navin (Secred Heart Girls’ High School) 14.2, 2; Kavya M (St Joseph’s Convent Girls’ School) 14.3, 3.

800M: Krupa R (St Anne’s Girls’ High School) 2:50.9, 1; Nisha T (Carmel Convent High School) 2:54.9, 2; Thanusha V Panchal (Vidyaniketan School) 2:55.0, 3.
1500M: Nisha T (Carmel School) 6:04.1, 1; Krupa R (St Anne’s Girls’ High School) 6:15.3, 2; Swathi C (Bethany High School) 6:20.1, 3.

100M hurdles: Nibetha T (Carmel School) 18.1S, 1; Aquileena (Holy Angels Higher Primary School) 18.9, 2; Dolly Diana (Mary Immaculate High School) 19.5, 3.

Long jump: Semral Dinha K (The Best High School) 4.78M, 1; Kavya Jacob (Clarence High School) 4.75, 2; Swathi CG (Mary Immaculate High School) 4.71, 3.

Triple jump: Kavya Jacob (Clarence High School) 9.46M, 1; Swathi CG (Mary Immaculate High School) 9.33, 2; Tanisha Nayak (Baldwin Girls’ High School) 9.22, 3.

High jump: Annapurna G (CMR National Public School) 1.39M, 1; Tejaswi (Baldwin Girls’ High School) 1.30, 2; Aquileena (Holy Angels Higher Primary School) 1.23, 3.

Shot put: Nivitha T (Carmel Convent High School) 9.02M, 1; Smyana Kamath (Deccan International School) 7.86, 2; Chahana Suresh (Vidyaniketan School) 7.20, 3.
U-12: 100M: Toommy Vyshnavi (Baldwin Girls’ High School) 13.6S, 1; Shifali Tandon (Vidyaniketan School) 15.5, 2; Niharika (Bethany High School) 15.7, 3.

800M: Tejashwini MB (Daffodils English School) 3:23.8, 1; Pragathi BA (S Cadambi Vidya Kendra) 3:34.9, 2; Poornashree (Holy Angels Higher Primary School) 3:42.4, 3. 1500M: Nikhath Sultana (Holy Angels Higher Primary School) 7:55.8, 1; Brindha (Holy Angels Higher Primary School) 7:59.6, 2; Anupriya (Holy Angels Higher Primary School) 8:00.8, 3.
60M hurdles: Toommy Vyshnavi (Baldwin Girls’ High School) 12.1S, 1; Pooja Lakshmi NB (Seshadripuram English School) 13.8, 2; Chaitra MP (Seshadripuram English School) 14.1, 3.

Long jump: Shifali Tandon (Vidyaniketan School) 4.06M, 1; Niharika (Bethany High School) 3.64, 2; Mina Tharveer (Baldwin Girls’ High School) 3.62, 3.

Triple jump: Sakshi R (Holy Angels Higher Primary School) 7.76M, 1; Mina Tharveer (Baldwin Girls’ High School) 7.37, 2; Aprajitha Jayaram (Vidyaniketan School) 7.20, 3. High jump: Sanskriti B Gurappa (Vidyaniketan School) 1.15M, 1; Mudral Dhananjay (S Cadambi Vidya Kendra) 1.09, 2; Sayeda Javeria (Holy Angels Higher Primary School) 1.05, 3.

Shot put: Charu Raheja (Vidyaniketan School) 6.57M, 1; Grace Elizabeth (St Mary’s Public School) 6.53, 2; Alisha Vikram (Vidyaniketan School) 6.42, 3.