Movements of utmost skill

Movements of utmost skill


The contemporary piece was titled MeiDhwani, which is derived from Tamil and Sanskrit words and means ‘Echoes of the Body’. The performers depicted an urban Indian experience using iconography, sound, colour and lightand hence, presented a great show.  

The performance began with Jayachandran Palazhy seated on a metal pot which signified the unity of body and spirit. Slowly, the other dancers moved into the stage using the movements of bharatanatyam and kalaripayyatu.

Carrying pots in their hands, the female dancers rolled themselves over. The skillful hand and leg movements were simply amazing.

Later, male dancers entered with metallic cylinders and oil lamps were placed on them. The white costumes of the dancers enhanced the presentation. The metallic pots used in the show suggested the unfathomable feminine infinity and were contrasting with the phallic cylindrical oil lamps.

Soon the performers sported a purple costume to depict different kinds of emotions. The tempo increased as the battle of fury waged within, resonating the collective memory of emotions.

The performance revolved around the theme of unity of mind, body and spirit. All the artistes were on the floor and the spotlight was once again on Jayachandran sitting on the pot in the opposite corner of the stage.

The performers put forth a wonderful show by capturing fragility and turmoil through their swift and perfect movements. The three elements of fire, water and earth were symbolised through props. The dancers, three women and five men, including Jayachandran himself, were equally energetic and vibrant. They combined sensuous movements with powerful steps. The lighting, sound and props added to the aesthetic values of the electrifying show.

“I couldn’t attend MeiDhwani the last time it was performed in the City. Despite it being a working day today, I finished work early and reached the venue on time. I am impressed by the choreography of the show. All the dancers were equally talented and gave an enthralling performance,” said Prajwal, a member of the audience.