Residents object to substandard asphalting

Residents object to substandard asphalting

Be happy with what you get: Officers

“In most places, the asphalting is being carried out like sweeping on the roads. What is the use of pouring out crushed stones and tar on layers of plain mud?” the citizens asked.

Many years after
It is already several years since the roads were asphalted. Good work ensures the asphalting remains for years, without requiring reparation. Lakhs of rupees go down the drain thanks to such substandard work, they complained.

“A layer of asphalt should be at least one inch deep and four-and-a-half metres wide. But the municipality workers are simply pouring the tar on plain mud, which is already coming off. A rain will certainly bring it all off,” said Gangadhar, a resident.

‘Be satisfied’
He added that the municipal representatives of the area have only said there are no contractors available to carry out the repair work. “They are, therefore, scolding us for complaining against the poor quality of work, saying they ‘somehow managed to get the contractors to asphalt the road in our area’.”

When asked, the contractors said, “As per the list of estimates, we are only required to asphalt, not use crushed stones in the area. We will asphalt the drainage areas as well as places with thin layers of soil later and even cover the drains.”