Pursuing perfection

Pursuing perfection

Apparently, it isn’t an easy task laying emphasis on perfection in each thing that we do in our everyday life. Since, to pursue perfection in every work of ours, it needs phenomenal patience, perseverance, punctilious attitude, and pertinacity to painstakingly go through all procedures of undertaken work, till it’s fully executed, with all precision.  
There are some positive attributes of focusing on perfection in the tasks that we embark on. One is that, when there is thrust on perfection, you’d generally come out trumps in whatever jobs you take on.When you try working on with perfection, automatically you try throwing importance to all minutiae, and that you go about all procedures in an organized, meticulous and systematic fashion.

So you’d emerge a victor in the mission you’d have launched on, without floundering or faltering at any stage.  

Another positive aspect of working with perfection is that you’d be able to complete the work in relatively less time.

It’s because when you go about working in slapdash way, in perfunctory manner, you wouldn’t have properly comprehended the working procedures, owing to your assimilation of them in dribs and drab.  Hence, there are chances of you bungling up, and unwittingly committing lots of boomers. And finally sorting out this created confusion and mess will naturally take relatively ‘longer time’. Instead when you stick to perfection, you can circumvent the hassles of reworking, besides finishing off the job in relatively less time.

When you aim for perfection in the works you do, subliminally you start developing genuine passion in what you are doing.  And once you are passionate about your work, the outcome of your efforts ceases to matter to you.

Finally when the work is done with perfection and precision, the peace that’s derived is in plenitude, and the joy experienced is in profusion!