Cham Pa's limericks send many into splits of laughter

Cham Pa's limericks send many into splits of laughter

Writer felicitated in Mysore city

Priyathama  priyathama  ennuththiddavalu maththaro koralige taali bigidaaga, ‘priya’ ‘thamma’ annathodagidalu  (One who was calling me lover earlier, addressed me as brother after her marriage with another).

These were among several chutuku (limericks) rendered by poet, writer Chandrashekar Patil from his recent work ‘Champa Chutukugalu’ sending the audience into peels of laughter in the city on Saturday.

He was participating in a function organised by Chutuku Sahitya Parishat at The Institution of Engineers here to felicitate him for winning Pampa Award.

Champa as Chandrashekar Patil is popularly known as in the literary world, said that the one on bribe is relevant with social crusader Anna Hazare making news for his fight against graft. He said limericks now has become a part of serious literature.

Recalling his tryst with Dharwad where he was an English professor, Champa said that the very place is formed of literature, music and struggles like Gokak and several others.

Though he was teaching English, his love for the local dialect of Dharwad still rests with him. “I may be living in Bangalore, my roots are still in Dharwad and my accent still proves it”, said Champa with pride.

Litterateur Aravinda Malagaththi described Champa as the rarest among the teachers who though taught English, took to streets for the cause of Kannada.

He remains the same till date, unheard of even among the Kannada professors too.

Recalling his days as a post-graduate student in Dharwad, Malagaththi said- Champa was always seen amidst the group of students. It was also how Malagaththi endeared himself to Champa.

He was the driving force for me to jump into Gokak Struggle. I was also incarcerated for sometime. Thanking ‘Sankramana’ a journal brought out by Champa for the cause of literature, Malagaththi said- had not Champa made mind to publish my works, I wouldn’t have scaled the heights in Kannada literature.

Honorary president of Chutuku Sahitya Parishat, central committee M Akbar Ali, president of district cooperative union H V Rajiv, secretary of The Institution of Engineers T Anantha Padmanabha, Dr M G R Urs and others were present.