Meditation helps improve productivity

Meditation helps improve productivity

At the same time, there is tremendous increase in competition and heightened expectations on organisations to perform more with less. This creates a natural need on employees to be innovative and highly productive.

Often employees worke late hours and are stressed out, with aggressive workloads to meet these demands. The employee-training programmes help increase the productivity and reduce stress to an extent but do not completely address the challenge, as most of these are non-contiguous and typically deal with body and mind, but not the intellect and the ‘inner’ which are essential for unlocking the full potential of an individual.

If there is any well-trodden path that addresses all aspects of development, providing total health, fosters creativity, increases productivity, enhances team harmony, uncovers natural leadership qualities and implants lasting peace and unbounded joy, it is ‘Meditation’.

Simply put, meditation is ending of the ‘restlessness’ of our minds in entirety. A state free from all thoughts, it is a gateway to the cosmic energy. Once our mind is empty, we have tremendous receiving capability of this cosmic energy and information that surround us. This, in itself, leads to total health and absolute clarity in the thought process resulting in a successful and joyous life.

Meditation is very easy to practice. We can carry on with our normal life and see how the power of meditation transforms us and helps us do better in every sphere. There are many techniques of meditation but one simple style is ‘Anapanasati’ advocated by none other than Gautama Buddha.

In this, one needs to keep one’s total attention and awareness only on the process of one’s normal and natural breathing. Breathe calmly. The task on hand is conscious observation of the breath. The breathing should be very natural without any effort on our part and there should be no holding or stopping of the breath. Whenever the mind wanders, one has to cut the thoughts at once and bring one’s attention back to the natural rhythm of breathing. Relax and become the ‘observer’.

The benefits of meditation are manifold as stated below. Enhanced creativity: Regular practice of meditation activates the right side of our brain, which contains the creative parts and a lot of creative ideas flow into us from the universe. This can be helpful in developing a new product idea, or to come up with new business models or to invent new designs, etc. 

Increased productivity: In the presence of abundant spiritual energy and wisdom, all work, be it physical or mental, gets done with greater efficiency. Meditation increases the clarity of thought and helps us tap into our intuition more. This helps in making faster decisions and choices, leading to heightened productivity.

We no longer will have to debate for hours and days on multiple options while making small or large decisions.

Teamwork: Meditation and understanding of spiritual science makes one realise that there is more happiness in helping our neighbours, peers, friends and people around us. This will make an employee think, “How can I enable a colleague to succeed or how can we both grow together?” rather than, “How to exploit him or her for my own growth?” The understanding that we are all one helps to see ourselves as ‘equal’ to our peers and not as ‘superiors’. Such a realisation breaks all barriers and builds a very harmonious team.

Natural leadership: With increased clarity, heightened confidence and ever inclining nature to help others, one becomes a natural leader by proactively coming forward to take ownership and drive. One becomes a natural leader among the masses.  This helps organisations develop leadership skills at grass root level enmasse.

Healing for a wholesome health: All physical afflictions are because of mental worries. All mental worries are because of intellectual immaturity. Intellectual immaturity is due to lack of spiritual energy and spiritual wisdom. Through meditation, we receive both in abundance and the intellect becomes matured.

By and by, all mental worries cease and all physical afflictions disappear. Meditation is the best way forward to perfect health.

Dedicated meditation rooms in work areas: With so many benefits, it should become an easy decision for both employee and employer to adopt meditation in their day-to-day lives. All an employee needs to do is to practice meditation for 20-30 minutes a day. Employers can facilitate this process by setting up dedicated meditation rooms at offices, by simply converting one or two of their conference rooms with nice ambience and music. By allowing employees to practice meditation at any time in these meditation rooms, the common excuse of “not finding time due to that pressing deliverable” goes away, and everyone starts benefiting immediately.

Though meditation can be done by anyone at any age and in any place of one’s choosing, it becomes three times more effective under a ‘Pyramid’. The pyramid receives the highest cosmic energy on Earth.

Since pyramids provide high energy environments, the meditation rooms can be equipped with simple indoor pyramids.

This simple ancient practice can bring wholesomeness in the lives of employees. Corporates can see higher productivity, calm and superior capabilities of their employees at work.

(The writer is Founder & CEO, Sanovi Technologies)