Hooked to the swing? Get one for your home

Hooked to the swing? Get one for your home


 Swings now come at affordable prices. Getty Images

Home is one place that offers comfort like no other. When it is said that our home says a lot about our personality, it is definitely not an understatement.

In fact, each and every tiny aspect of our home, be it the furniture, wall colours or upholstery, spells our taste loud and clear. No wonder, we labour hard to cook up the right ambience in our homes so that they reflect our personality in a subtle manner. A tastefully done up home is surely “neighbours’ envy and owner’s pride”.

While modern homes are a fine combination of utilitarian and ornamental elements, many of us scramble to make them as comfortable as possible. Hence the effort to buy only furniture that spells comfort. And, which other furniture can be as comfortable as a swing? Well! Swings are not just playground accessories anymore but indispensible home décor accessories that are enjoyed by all the members of the family, regardless of age and gender.

A luxury till not so long ago

Swings were considered a luxury till recently as they were found only in palatial traditional homes.

The notion that cramped homes in cities do not afford the space for one such luxurious item was also widely prevalent. But, not anymore.

Swings are much sought after by one and all, irrespective of the size of their homes.  
Not only do swings make a world of difference to the interiors of our homes, but also add that magical, aesthetic touch to make our homes objects of envy.

Be it a cozy apartment or a spacious independent house, the market has on offer a mindboggling variety of swings to suit every home and every budget.

While the old fashioned plank of wood hanging with the support of metal chains is passé, a tastefully carved wooden plank with brass chains to support it is considered cool.

Add to this interesting animal motifs and the result is nothing short of the swing you had fantasised about. Once again, the market is replete with an incredible assortment of motifs to choose from.

Be it a peacock, an elephant or a parrot, all one has to do is just pick them up from the counter and add to their brass chains.

The trend that is fast catching up is to select animal and bird motifs that are considered lucky for the owner, where aspects of vaastu and astrology do play a prominent part too.
Further, these brass chains now come with a coat of lacquer to preserve their sheen for a long time.

Hence, there’s absolutely no need to painstakingly polish them on a periodic basis.
If wooden planks for seating are considered too hard for comfort, then the need is for a spongy mattress on a metal frame that is made to order. Cover this mattress with a silky sheet or a colourful quilt and what you have is a plush-looking swing that lends the home an authentic look.

Plan your swing

If constructing a house, then it’s advisable to plan your swing well in advance. Decide on the place you want the swing to occupy and get the metal hooks meant for the swings welded to the rods that support the roof. This prior planning not only makes the swing too safe to snap but also conceals the ugly marks of welding.

However, if the swing is an afterthought, then don’t you fret. You can always get it done later, though you’ll have to shell out extra dough to cover up the damage in terms of plastering and painting. 

If not, you can always go in for standing swings that can be moved around the house according to one’s whims and fancies.

In myriad shapes, sizes

And, these swings come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Glider chairs, sleep chairs, padded swing chairs, hanging air chair swings, stand-alone patio swings, porch swings, couple swings and single swings...

You name it and you get it. This is not all. There are myriad options in terms of seating also, ranging from standard, bucket and ornamental to cushion and metal cast.

Take them to the lawns

If you’re an outdoor person, then how about a swing in your well-manicured lawn? Or, in your airy balcony?

These outdoor swings are available in a variety of colours and come with shelters in the form of water-proof material. 

The options are increasing by the day and the latest in the market is the extremely attractive dual recliner steel canopy swing that comes complete with cushions and a table.

Perfect for any season, this variety of swing offers the comfort of enjoying the day out in the open with company. A relaxing way to retreat from the day!

Age, no bar. Gender, no bar. Just enjoy the comfort of the swing without a care in the world, even as it complements the total ambience of your homes.

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