'Develop scientific temperament'

'Develop scientific temperament'

Several students take part in science exhibition at Pilikula

One should develop a scientific point of view stressed, Vishweshwaraya Industrial and Technical Museum (VITM) Director Shivaprasad Khened after inaugurating the Science Exhibition and Drama Competition organised by DK Zilla Panchayat Department of Public Instructions and Pilikula Regional Science Centre at Vamanjoor on Thursday.

Every discovery or invention has years of hard work behind it. One can reach his goal with hard work, he said.

Compared to earlier times, the respect a student has towards teachers is decreasing. A teacher along with studies should strive for the all round development of the student. Only then, he can make a difference in a student’s life, he said.

The contribution of India towards science is ‘Zero’, said DK ZP President K T Shailaja Bhat. “We know the value of Zero when we add it in appropriate places,” she said and also advised students to have a goal and asked teachers to show them the right way.

Science expo

More than 90 models were displayed by the 35 schools that took part in the Science Exhibition Competition.

The expo was divided in six categories such as Food and Agriculture, Energy, Health, Gift of Nature, Mathematics and Disaster Management. A group of teachers also displayed models which they use in their schools for teaching.

Rahul and Subramanya from SDM English Medium School in Ujire had put up a working model of ways of getting electricity from renewable sources. Deekshith from St Raymonds School told Deccan Herald that a spoilt tubelight can be turned into a bed lamp by just connecting it with a small battery. “This will also give light and also conserve electricity,”he said.

All were surprised to see a pooja being performed with no human intervention. Explaining their project ‘Artificial Pooja,’ Shawan and Vernen of St Aloysius High School showed how they had interlinked different apparatus and making one apparatus work lead to a chain reaction.

Pranitha from Holy Family English Medium school with her model proved that one can obtain electricity from cow dung.

Students had also put up interesting mathematical models, which made one understand the fundamentals of math easily.

A healthy diet, causes of diseases, importance of greens was displayed in the food and agriculture section.

‘India in Space,’ an expo by ISRO was the centre of attraction. Models of different space vehicles, satellites and charts explaining different milestones of India in space science pulled a huge crowd.

Pilikula Regional Science Director Dr K V Rao told Deccan Herald that the models displayed are the ones that have been selected from the taluk-level science expo. The best models from the district-level expo will be selected to be displayed at the state-level. “Such expos enhance creativity and also help students to learn science practically,”he said.

St Agnes College Professor Dr Jayanth spoke on the ‘Life and achievements of Madam Currie’. St Agnes College Professor Ronald Mascarenhas put up an interesting show ‘Magic of Chemistry’. Awareness on different issues was created by students through their skits related to science.

The expo and drama competition will also continue on Friday.
NITK Surathkal Professor Dr Arun Islur will take up a session ‘Chemistry in Kitchen’. A quiz competition will be held.

‘Regional science centre in June 2012’

The Pilikula Regional Science Centre may open in June 2012. The Science centre which is equally funded by the State and Central government is worth Rs 8.5 crore, said Vishweshwarya Industrial and Technical Museum Director Shivaprasad Khened.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, he said that the Science Centre will have three galleries. One will emphasise on ‘Emerging Technologies’, second will be on ‘Biodiversity’ and the third will be on ‘Fun Science’. The center will also house AC auditoriums and amuse people with 3D shows.

Another Science Centre will come up in Dharwad University campus soon. Named as the ‘Science Centre and Heritage Gallery,’ this center is coming up at a cost of Rs 8.5 crores.
The Science centers will enhance scientific temper and will also help in curtailing superstitious beliefs, said Khened