Curiosity brought him from US to India

Curiosity brought him from US to India

Dana Van Buskirk

Dana is here through foreign exchange programme as part of his studies back at home. He is studying Geography in Economics at University of America, Connecticut.

Dana shared the experiences of his three months stay in Manipal with City Herald. He feels India is very different. “Totally a different culture. Curiosity on everything about India made me to come here. I have never been to India earlier. However, I had visited other parts of Asia. I liked China and I always wished to have the pinch of Indian culture and tradition which is truly marvelous. In the beginning, I had a sort of cultural shock that took me some time to get adjusted to the entirely different atmosphere. I was confused much about the different treatment towards men and women as I have come from the place where everyone is treated equal, he said.

“India definitely has big role to play in the world. It is fast growing,” he tells and adds that Indians don’t maintain timings. Everything seems to be cool with Indians when it comes to the maintenance of timings. Nothing goes according to the scheduled timing.Sharing his opinion about the quality of education in India and the techniques of teaching and learning followed here, Dana says in India, studies are lot more objective. It is a sort of study that revolves around the purpose. However, in the US, learning is more of subjective and open ended, he added.

Dana has visited many places in India and he is overwhelmed with exotic beauty of the land.  “I have seen Bangalore, Mysore, Goa, Hampi and Gokarna. Gokarna is more relaxed. It has wonderful serene beaches with ruffling sea water,” he opines.

“Food in India is distinctive and I don’t find it that spicy,” he tells and adds: “I have nothing specific liking towards varieties of Indian food.”Dana has many things to share with his friends back at home about India and his idea of a true distinctive culture. He is leaving to US after a month when his semester course ends.He feels that one should not expect anything in India. It is totally different. “You are highly disappointed if you have high expectations. Nothing seems to go as expected. You expect one thing and end up in something else. Finally, he has a suggestion to his fellowmen in US. “Don’t eat everything!”