Challenges faced with great spirit

Challenges faced with great spirit

Management fest

The events were woven around the theme, ‘Rise against Corruption.’ Christ University, St Joseph’s College, Kristu Jayanti College, IBA and IBS were some of the colleges which participated.

The fest had more than 10 events including ‘finance’, ‘retail’, ‘human resources’, ‘marketing’, ‘advertisement’, ‘best manager’, ‘team building’, ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘business quiz.’

Speaking after inaugurating the fest, David Lobo, Director of DJ Group, who was the chief guest, urged young people to rise against corruption which is tormenting the nation.

He said, “What leads to success and true happiness is the attitude we show towards wealth. As long as wealth is seen as a means to further an end, it is fine, but when wealth becomes the end, corruption begins to seep in.”

 In her presidential address, Sr Albina said, “All of us are stewards and we do not own anything. We are stewards working to make this a better world. Hence we must work together to leave something good for posterity”.

The students, who attended the fest, said that the college had done well in putting together quite a challenging round of events. They observed that every one of the events brought out the best in them. Appreciating the cultural events, Rohit, a student of IBS, said he liked the fashion show. “The culturals at the fest was what we were looking forward to and when it happened, we enjoyed it to the fullest.” Sakshi, a student of Christ University, said she found  most of the events well-structured.

“It was great to be here and be part of such a challenging round of events,” she said.  
Suhas Gopinath, the youngest CEO, who was the chief guest at the valedictory function, shared insights on his start-up, Global Incorporation, and his journey through all odds making it as the top 10 entrepreneurs of the world. He recollected his meeting with Bill Gates and his courage to face tough situations. The overall trophy of the fest was bagged by St Joseph’s College and the runners-up were Christ University (Kengeri campus).