A cut above the rest

A cut above the rest

Bitfilm Festival

The festival is hosted in collaboration with the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, under the banner of ‘Germany and India 2011 -2012: Infinite Opportunities’. Bitfilm will start with the award ceremony on December 2, where the most popular films of the following three categories will be screened —  3D Space (entirely computer-generated films made with 3D animation software); FX MIX (films which mix various techniques digitally); Machinima (films which are shot live inside a computer game or a virtual world).

The winner films in each category have been chosen by Bitfilm’s worldwide audience in an online vote.

Bitfilm was the first festival worldwide with a Machinima competition for game-based films. In Bangalore, it will also host a worldwide ‘Machinima Marathon’, bringing together game-based filmmakers from across the globe.

Participants of this contest are required to produce a Machinima film over a span of 24 hours.

For details, log on to http://www.bit­film.com­/fest­ival