'VaastuGate' to ward off evil at city police station

'VaastuGate' to ward off evil at city police station

The change attributed to rise in number of petty cases

The main gate (left) of Nazarbad police station is closed and a new entry point bas been created. DH Photo

The main gate of Nazarbad police station at Shantaveri Gopalgowda Circle in Nazarbad was closed and a new gate was opened five months ago. Reason: The station in particular was witness to most petty cases involving civil disputes, likened to evil, a bane for the men in uniform to deal with. If some were genuine, most others were fathered by those real estate agents who were eyeing to pocket a good sum allegedly in the name of settlement at the cost of land owners.

The gate earlier located between east and south side was said to be the cause, according to the astrologers whom the authorities at the station contacted, to find out a solution to the growing number of such cases. It was five months ago, if sources are to be believed.

The new gate, but small has been opened towards east direction. According to astrology, east is always a sign of good, being the direction in which sun rises. It is also natural for the people (those who have faith in such beliefs) to prefer east- either for the placement of main door of the house or for entrance.  Surprisingly, the gate in the east here has brought in relief too, with the decrease in number of such cases, said a police on condition of anonymity. Moreover, by closing the earlier gate, ample space has been made in the compound to park the vehicles too. When contacted by Deccan Herald, inspector G N Mohan refuted that the change was made owing to vaastu. It was made only after the stations recorded untoward incidents in the form of mishaps. As the gate was close to the main road with vehicles passing either way, minor mishaps had become order of the day. 
The matter was brought to the notice of higher ups and the new gate was opened to the left facing hospital.

It’s also not for the first time police are in news for bowing to beliefs. Earlier, KR Police had conducted a homa-a ritual to ward off evil when Lokayukta had intensified drive againt corrupt babus. Prior to this, Devaraja police too had conducted a similar ritual when an owl had entered the station. According to mythology, owl is the sign of bad omen.