Girls' night out

Girls' night out

Pink Theme

Happy: Winner Sheetal Bhandari (in pink) with her friends.T

here is something about the colour pink that brings out the diva in women out to have a good time on a typical pleasant Bangalore evening,” said model Rachel Bayros as she played the role of celebrity bartender for the evening  mixing, shaking and blending a range of cocktails with Pinky vodka, the Swedish vodka with a mild fruity flavour. Pink was the colour of the evening as many of the ladies who were dressed in the classic LBD (little black dress) or sparkly ensembles nonetheless sipped from or clinked glasses that held frothy, fizzy or still pink concoctions.

The Blue bar was filled with people from models and socialities to party hoppers and groups of ladies dressed to the nines out on their own to let their hair down and party to the music of DJ Yvon who kept the crowned rocking with his music at the Diva night.

Sandalwood actor Aditya walked in with a group of buddies and lots of Bangalore’s familiar ramp faces like Jackie Shetty, Pashmeena Barker, Roshni, Sounak and Nioosha were cheering their bartending pal Rachel enthusiastically as she mixed and stirred up a concoction of their choice. The prize for the evening went to Sheetal Bhandari who was wearing a bright pink cocktail dress keeping with the theme.

“Pink cocktails were considered very trendy with high society ladies in the 1930s and the ‘Pink Lady’, a classic cocktail with a light blush colour was an especially popular ‘girly drink’ at bachelorette parties. The pink came from adding a dash of grenadine to the drink. One could also add some well-beaten egg white to give it an attractive foamy topping,” said Sheela Mayer, one of the guests who opted for a classic Vodka martini with an olive in order to get the true flavour of the vodka without a fruity mixer.

“Bangalore is my hometown but now Mumbai is my base as it is a great place to be in careerwise. I am getting used to the buzz and energy which becomes pretty exciting after a while once you get with the flow,” she said. Rachel also has plans to travel and make it on the international modelling circuit.

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