Return of tufted furniture

Return of tufted furniture


Return of tufted furniture

Design mantra: Tufted headboards, sofas and armchairs blend well with contemporary furniture. PHOTOS: MODCCON INTERIORSThe new year will see a combination of classic and modern designs. The use of reclaimed material, be it metal, glass or wood, is going to be a much favoured furniture trend for the coming year, writes Neera Gulati

Design plays a significant role in making your home inviting and relaxing. It does not matter whether you have a big space or a small one. A great part of your home needs some degree of improvisation, which you can by using appropriate furniture, tiling, painting, carpeting, lighting fixtures, murals and so on. Producing an environment that is functional and aesthetically appealing is the soul of interior design.

Top designers have predicted the design trends for the year 2012. Natural reclaimed and rustic wooden furniture is taking over the market today and is an important trend. Finishes on these rustic pieces will range from wire-brushed to bleached oak to grey washes. An industrial look will also be a key trend for the next year. Repurposed, industrial occasional tables or side carts will create a space with character.

You can match them with a few modern pieces which will lend a great look to any space. Antiques have never gone out of style, but this year they are coming back and will be hotter than ever. Some international interior designers are spotting a few manufacturers making lounge chair seating a little lower in 2012. The standard is 20” off the floor, but look for some to be 17”-18” off the floor. One style trend that has been emerging again could be the appearance of tufted furniture.

Reclaimed material

Incorporating a tufted piece of furniture can add loads of panache to a space. This may be a traditional style, but is contemporary enough for a modern space. Tufted headboards, sofas and armchairs blended with contemporary furniture can never look out of place. The use of reclaimed supplies, be it metal, glass or wood is going to be a much favoured furniture trend for 2012. Reclaimed supplies are versatile because of the fact that you are able to make almost any piece of furniture from them: headboards, tables, chairs, desks, console tables, chairs, etc.

More people are opting for lighter furniture instead of heavier furniture as it is easy to move them around and replace them with other pieces. This trend is expected to continue in the year ahead too.

Mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture too will be a trend in 2012. Mirrored tables, dressing tables and beds are going to be more in use. Also, sofas, armchairs, tables and other items with curved legs will be in vogue. Oak furniture too seems to be a popular trend for the coming year. Also much in demand will be bright coloured furniture. Pink shades will be sought after. So will earth shades and shades of grey, which look good in furniture items. Shades of browns, burgundy, chocolate and black will all be used in furniture.

Fabrics which will be used in the coming year will have a rustic look, for instance, those that have woven, hemp-like characteristics. Cottons, loose weaves and liners will in soft earth tones like warm whites, sandy beiges, light greys and tans will be in use. Oversized prints were used a lot this year and will continue to be used next year. Woven meshes and intricate patterns will cover couches and sofas.

Flowers and patterns have always been popular in home design, but for 2012, the flowers will become bigger, taking on a 1940s-look that is both modern and classic. Animal print fabrics, over sized boxes and cases, Asian inspired dressers are going to be focal points in  space the coming year. Bolder, contrasting designs are expected in 2012. In terms of style, home interiors will take a step back in time in 2012 with opulent gold-toned furniture making a comeback.

Rugged design

Also emerging in 2012 is rugged interior design in homes. Details such as hammered copper, rivets and wood trim will lend rustic charm to furniture pieces and spaces. Another style trend in 2012 is a return to minimalism, but with an expensive twist, with the use if expensive materials such as zebra wood as a sort of understated display of luxury. Black and gold are very commercially fashionable at the moment in interior decoration. The 2012 paint palette will draw heavily on natural colours, inspired by nature, from the colours of plants and flowers, oceans and lakes, rocks and minerals.

Blues gained popularity in 2011 and will continue to be used extensively in 2012. From sparkling sea-glass blue to colonial blue grey, blues are suitable for all living spaces, being a naturally soothing colour.

Greens, ranging from celery and asparagus to fir and fan, will allow homeowners to bring the comfort of the world outside into the world within. Dining rooms and kitchens are the natural spots for the in-vogue greens. A combination of blue, red and violet can add punch to any room. In 2012, patterned paint will take centre-stage, with increased interest in lacy designs and bold colour blocking techniques. In some cases, pattern will be the main decorating feature in a room, in others, it will provide a subtle, textured backdrop for the furnishings and art work. The trend is about metallics, transparency and optical textures in fabrics shown side by side with very modern matte finishes with engineered curved lines.

Retro is heavily emphasised as well. The trend is towards a much more sophisticated relationship between worn and friendly and futuristic fantasy. The ‘past meets the future’ is a design trend for the next year.

So go ahead and usher the new year in with a combination of classic and modern designs mixing it with natural elements, colours and forms.

(The writer is an interior designer.)